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【S t e a m ✯ P u n k s】❧ Location ❧

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Welcome, Steam Punks❢

Welcome. My name is Lucinda.

Of course, you should already know this by now. Welcome to our mansion, and Our family.

Lets cut to the chase. Here is what you should know.

✯【R u l e s :】
* Respect at all times to our Lady Lucinda, and other gang members.

⋆ STEAM PUNK MEMBERS ONLY. (Unless we have started an alliance with another gang.)

⋆ No smoking inside.

⋆ Do not hesitate to draw your weapon on a trespasser.

(Rules may change over time.)
✯【A l l i a n c e s :】

⋆ Kitsune (Demons)
✯【E v e n t s :】
• Daily tea and social - every day at 4PM, MST.

⋆ 【D e a r O t h e r G a n g s】:

You may enter our little abode, but do not expect a kind welcoming. You can hang out outside of our mansion, we won't kill you. But if you are found inside, brace yourselves.

❧ E n j o y Y o u r s e l v e s . ❧
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Cyrus lightly taps on Lucinda's door at the very top floor of the mansion, holding a tea tray with tea, and pastries on it.
"Good morning, mistress. I've brought your tea." He said, smiling.
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*I open the door, and look coldly at Cyrus.* Thank you.

*I took the tray, and walked out, down a few flight of stairs, and onto the ground floor. I sat in my throne-like chair, and began to drink my tea.*
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A few gang members walk up the stairs to the roof, carrying band instruments such as a bass, a few guitars, and some are carrying a taken apart drum set. Cyrus followed Lucinda down the stairs, and watched her eat. "You know... I've heard you wrote songs."
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(Apparently my character writes songs? xD Okay...)


*Drinks my tea, and freezes, the cup still tilted. I slowly lowered it.*

How did you know about that? *Closes my eyes in annoyance.*
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Cyrus nervously smiled, and backed away. "Well, uh, some of the gangsters, you know, told me." He said, smiling.

"We're ready!" One gang member called down to us. Cyrus took off his headphones, and put them around his neck. He lifted the tray gingerly off Lucinda's lap, and took her hand.

"Come on, I want to show you something." Leads her up to the roof.
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What! - *I'm being dragged along by Cyrus. I snap my hand out of his grasp.* I'm coming, I'm coming. <_<

*Follows him up to the roof.*
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Cyrus opened the door to the roof, and a large stage and speakers were set up all over the roof. Some of the gang members were tuning Steam-Punk guitars, and basses. The drums were all set up.

"We're ready for you, mistress!" A gang member said to Lucinda, as he gestured to the lone microphone up on stage. "Surprise!" Cyrus said nervously, smiling, and closing his eyes.
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Hell. No. *Lucinda said with a blank glare.*

I haven't sung in 3 years.
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Cyrus laughed. "Come on. You performed in front of them a while back when you were 17, right?"

("Sing" this song. The voice of Hanatan fits your character so well. ;])

"Yeah, you can do it!" One of the members cheered on. Then, a whole crowd of your gang members as the audience chanted, "Lu-cin-da! Lu-cin-da! Lu-cin-da!"

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(What the hell. xD Okay...)


*Sighs heavily.* Fine! *I yelled, silencing them. They were silent for a second, then realized that I agreed, and all started cheering.*

Idiots... *I muttered, as I stood on stage. I grabbed the microphone.*

Do you guys still know how to play "Love is War"? *I asked into the microphone, slightly turning my head to the gang members who were playing. My entire gang was up there now, cheering as they heard 'love is war.'
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The people playing the instruments nodded, and positioned them selves to start play. Cyrus smiled up at Lucinda, at the very front.
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*Sighing, I nodded, and the song started playing.*

I wrote this song in Highschool. Love is war. ikimashou! *I said into the microphone, and began singing.*

(Click to here the song.

This was "Cyrus's" idea. xD )
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Everyone started cheering, as her voice was heard throughout Ikebukuro. Some people were watching from the streets in awe at the random concert above them.
Cyrus was surprised at her enthusiasm, as he started nodding along.
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Maren was jolted awake by a sudden noise on the roof. With eyebrows furrowed and irritation evident on her face, she stomped her way to the roof. She was ready to give a steady rant to the other gang members but stopped when she saw that the boss was singing. Turns out even the indifferent Maren could be surprised sometimes.

She leaned quietly against a wall and listened.

I bet this was Cyrus's idea.
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