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Natsu Dragneel VS Sawada Tsunayoshi

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Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/22/12

Natsu basically always fights for the Fairy Tail guild. In terms of his abilities he has a large variety of close combat techniques, as well as the ability to go into his new Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, and can eat Regular and Magic flames. Oh and he got a major magic container enlargement from Ultear.


Tsuna's resolve is to protect his friends. In terms of abilities Tsuna with his new X-Gloves Vongola Gear, his combat abilities have evolved greatly. Tsuna is very skilled in hand to hand combat, he can fly, and can extremely fast due to the hard flames.

Head to Head -

Hand to Hand Combat: Natsu has a very large variety of techniques to aid him but because he uses flames Tsuna can use Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition/Revised ( Freeze/Absorb ). This renders almost all of Natsu's techniques useless accept for Natsu's lightning fire dragon techniques, and the ice from the First Edition can only be melted by Dying Will Flames. Tsuna has the Vongola Hyper Intuition which can help him greatly when fighting humans, and although Natsu can eat flames, he is limited to elemental flames and Tsuna's is made of his Will so it isn't on the same category.

Winner: Sawada Tsunayoshi

Mobility: Natsu has the weakness of a Dragon Slayer which is traveling/motion sickness, and if you read the manga this includes running, so if Tsuna were to fly a certain distance away he could easily overpower Natsu. Tsuna can fly and moves very fast.

Winner: Sawada Tsunayoshi

X/XX-Burner VS Lightning Fire/Fire Dragon Roar: Well the power of Tsuna's Medium/Full Power X Burner is much more powerful then Natsu's Fire Dragon Roar. Also Natsu's Lightning Dragon Roar at full power has only reached the point of the lowest powered XX-Burner.

Winner: Sawada Tsunayoshi


-Natsu only being able to eat elemental flames/magical objects. No matter how you look at this fact it is true because each Dragon Slayer can eat their own "element" but they cannot eat any other.
-The Vongola Hyper Intuition is significantly more efficient then Natsu's enhanced smell/hearing.
-Both Character's have their abilities evolving, but the Creator of Fairy tail didn't mention anything about any significant improvements through each battle, while in Katekyo Hitman Reborn they say that the Vongola Evolves through every battle.
-Natsu without magic, and Tsuna before he becomes the Vongola Decimo without Hyper Dying Will equals two idiotic losers.
-Natsu's Lightning Flame Dragon Mode drains faster then any mode Tsuna has.
-Natsu has happy but that would break the 1 VS 1, but Tsuna has his Vongola Sky Lion which is considered a weapon.
-Fairy Tail ( 2006 ) and Katekyo Hitman REBORN! ( 2004 )
-Natsu's age is around 16-18, and Tsuna is 14.

So what do you guys think? I didn't want to make this a pole because then you guys would probably just choose the character you like better so could you guys please read my post then think in terms of your opinion then choose?
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Posted 6/22/12 , edited 6/22/12
I chose Tsuna because he is not like a boss... he is the boss.

Lawl that was too much text to look over so I didn't bother reading it.

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Posted 6/24/12 , edited 6/25/12
I'll go for tsuna. having to read both mangas in their latest chapters, I'd say tsuna is better and he really did grow up xD
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Posted 7/26/12 , edited 7/27/12
all of this is tru but you got to remeber that all of tsuna finishing moves or attacks revolve on his flames of which nastu can absorb. xx-burner would super charge nastu so much that he can use his brute force to destroy tsuna in a case that tsuna freezes his flames.

in hinsight the both can counter greatly each other and can negate each others flames but after all is said and done they would have to fight at close combat in which nastu will win
Posted 7/27/12 , edited 7/27/12

Since, Natsu Dragneel is the under dog here, i am rooting for him
i am sure he will become more stronger and better the story is not yet into climax

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