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description:white hair,red eyes,pale skin,vampire fangs,and always wears black
personality:split personality,loves to roleplay and cosplay,doesnt talk unless someone talks to her first, and emotionless
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20 / F
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name: Kuro Youmi

age: 14

description:The Youmi family is a family full of shinigami high in power.Everybody passed on towards the next life leaving behind there only daughter.8 years from then Kuro has became popular and doing her job.However she got a strange final request from someone before they died , to go to the academy . . . But for what reason? Kuro can see someones true name and there life spand however ghosts dont have a life span shown only the word "deceased" Kuro also can utlize red rose petals and transform them into sharp knife-like objects to strike her opponent at far range.

personality:Kuro has a childlike,adorable and cute personality who hides when she's sad.

picture:(but she has silver hair)
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19 / M / Unova
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description:world famous comic book artist and has the power to stop or slow down time and can walk through time rifts and can regenerate body parts (like a starfish)
personality:keeps to himself
picture:blonde hair wears a tan cloak and a black hoodie
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19 / F / The tiny, padded...
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Name: Hebi
Age: 15
Description: Has the power to summon snakes. Usually ends sentences in "says [insert name here]" like Snake from Kuroshitsuji. Very protective and strong. Gets sick a lot and cold easily. Usually has a snake around neck. Works in a Host Club. Has a giant snake named Alfred that eats people. He doesn't really eat "real food". He drinks vegetable and fruit juice. He only occassionaly eats "real food".
Personality: Cold at times, only talks to some people.
Picture: I couldn't post a picture so you'll have to see it here ;>.>
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F / x_x
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description almost nothing is known about her she dosent even reveal her powers the only powers she has shown are the ability to control ice and is a excellent with weapons she has a dark past and is royalty
personality:very quiet and mysterious actually scared of people but can be very kind
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19 / M / with my princess...
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description:blonde,blue eyes that change brown,protects his sister Zion
personality:split personality,emotionless,quiet,kind unless you make him mad

at night:
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hi can I be Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi when they cry ?
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Name: Phantomile
Age: 18
Description: A catboy from the future with a electromagnetic sword only used to defend himself and bears the name Keiko, he wears a hoodie and only speaks when spoken to, He also forms bonds easily which is why many use him and trust him. He usually slacks in class!
Personality: Calm / Optimistic
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Hikarou && Haruko

Age: 18
Description: They're fraternal twins, always sticking together. At times, they get into fights, like regular siblings. They're past is dark, but they still managed through it all together. Haruka was always the bright, and outgoing twin, whilst Hikarou preferred to stay quiet. They both have an odd style in clothing. They're both somewhat carefree, and are so close, people mistake them for a couple. But they aren't into incest. Don't get any weird ideas.
Personality:Hikarou, is very mellow, yet sarcastic. Haruko, is very outgoing, and nice, but she too, is also sarcastic.

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18 / F / The Dark Side Of...
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name: Akari
age: 17
description: Her parents were in an accident so she lives by herself. She also has the power to read minds
personality: Calm, Sarcastic, A bit of a Tomboy, Tsundre-ish
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