Neotokyo (The Ghost in the Shell FPS)
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Posted 6/22/12 , edited 6/23/12

Basically a very underrated source mod that came out in like 2009? Originaly developed on the UT3 engine and ported to source, I feel like this shooter wasn't exactly anything new or groundbreaking but it was done very right. The balance between classes is great, and the things each class could do even greater. Level designs are very deep and thought out and it basically seems to have taken the basic feeling of counter strike and combine it with what a ghost recon multiplayer could only have hope to ever do. It's community is much smaller now but on good nights you can see some full servers and the people are all very nice and welcoming. The learning curve isn't even that hard, there's just some basic concepts that add to the game but if you don't completely understand how to effectively use things like cloak, it's okay. Being less skilled at it won't subtract from the game.

You probably don't even need to own any source games to play as the source sdk base 2006 it runs on is free as far as I know.
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Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/9/12
When I played it, it felt like Counterstrike and Dystopia mixed together. It was alright, but I have since returned to Tf2 and Age of Chivilry, so I haven't played this in a really long time. Probably isnt even installed anymore.
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