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Posted 6/22/12 , edited 6/26/12
You may be reading the 2 chapters i have posted(if anyone reads them) you may have noticed i have a sorta "weird" way of writing (at least to me it's weird). That's because i wanted to write the stories more light novel like. However, i've never read, let alone seen what a light novel looks or reads like So i kinda did some research on them and took the info and kinda incorporated it in my style. Though i know it looks nothing like a light novel(to those who have read one) but i'm alright with that. Whether it's a proper way of writing or not, i enjoy doing it like this and plan to keep doing it like this. If you like it, awesome, if not i understand. Anyway just wanted to put this out there. I hope that no matter how weird my style is you willl come to love reading this as much as i like typing it Goodbye for now
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