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The Versus Crusade Soul Arena - Area 2:
Hueco Mundo Forest
Put up OR Shut Up!

"You sure have a different way of getting down to business. "To announce your name and rank" is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight. It's known as the last courtesy. If a person dies in combat, at least you get to know the name of the one that brought death to you. Third Seat of Zaraki's Division, Ikkaku Madarame. As for the lowlifes who ignore this etiquette, I simply kill them, after they know who did them in" - Ikkaku Madarame

Versus Crusade Soul Arena Host, Sin - Hollow Knight Exequias Leader

Hello there and Welcome to The Versus Crusade Soul Arena. I am your host Sin the Hollow Knight Exequias Leader. I am unnumbered Arrancar. I am her to over see all battles that going in my area not to fight. I am here tell you about The Versus Crusade Soul Arenas. These arena are here to test the skills of fighters who love to fight. Whether your a Shinigami, Hollow, Vizard or whatever you are, all races are welcomed in these arenas. It is the ultimate place to test you fighting skills. They are 4 other arenas. Strong Fighters from all over can fight to just for the hell of it, Spar or have a rank battle. Rank Battles are fought for rank, like If your a 3rd seat and feel you should be a Vice-Captain. Then Challenge that Vice Captain of said Squad and if you win your the new Vice Captain. Now a little about Area 2. You will be fighting in Hueco Mundo Forest. The forest is filled with large trees made of a silvery quartz substance. I have kept the lower hollows at by so. No one but you and your opponent are in allowed in the area. Now there are a few rules which well be followed or I'll Kill you. Look down below to check out MY RULES.

- The Rules/Guild Lines -
Know them and follow them for they are LAW!

All fights are ONE ON ONE in this Area
You May Fight who ever you wish, Just remember When you request a fight make sure you contact the user of the character you wish to fight.
Bankais and all that other transforming crap is allowed
When you lose in a RANK MATCH. You and who ever you lose to switch Ranks. Make sure to let a MOD know.
Make Sure when you battle to have all Attacks and Attack descriptions in spoiler and make sure you have a description for each of ur attacks. There is an example of this in the spoiler.

A MOD or The CREATOR will spectate and be a Referee for ALL Battles. So make sure you ask a Mod or the Creator to keep an eye on Your Fight. IF you are Fighting a MOD or The Creator they can not judge that fight and ask someone else.
Keep The New Gotei 13: The Return in mind and If you need to, consult the rules
If you are worried or in question, post a question on the RULES & GUIDELINES thread
NO GODMODING or AUTOHITTING Or any of the Shit. One Warning. If you get a second warning then you lose the Match.
When the fight's done, a MOD will determine who is the winner. If you have a problem with what went down, then ask another MOD or Creator. If two MODs say you lost, then give it up, YOU LOST!
If a fight is inactive for more then 7 DAYS, then the fight is considered over. And a MOD will depict the winner.
Most importantly HAVE FUN and BE FAIR

Now I bet your wondering how do I lose or is there other ways to lose. Yes there are.

-For allowing the fight to be inactive for a 7 days
-If You GOD MOD Twice, You'll get a warning for the first time but if you do it again UR OUT
-If Give up or Get KOed
-If A MOD feels that you are unable to continue

Here is the Entry Form. Fill it out completely

Username: (Self Explanatory)
Character's Name: (Self Explanatory)
Rank: (Self Explanatory)
Race: (Self Explanatory)
Unique Techniques:
Zanpakuto/Doll/Spirit Weapon:(Only give us the The Name, The Type, The Release Command, and The Powers Gained in Shikai/Bankai/Resurrecion/Etc)
Match Type: (Fun or Ranked)
Character You Wish to Fight: (Put username and Character of who u wish to fight)

Now, Show me your skills warriors. Ready? Begin!
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