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Haruto becomes frustrated at this match of kido, pulling both Katsuo and Kazuki out of their sheaths. "Rend all the unworthy, pack brothers!" As he activates his shikai, both of his wazikashi turning into trench knives, Katsuo being held in a swordsmanship grip, while Kazuki was in a reverse grip in his left hand. Both trench knives had spikes that protruded from the finger guards, three on each. "Don't hide from me you son of a bitch!" He yelled as he disappeared into a flash step, his speed augmented by the release of his zanpakutos.

Just before he hit the area with the object he spins in midair, turning into a spinning wheel of blades, his attack slicing through the object, kido and all. As hit emerged from the other side he stops, slowing his spin into a crouch, holding both blades out. You could tell he was furious with the cat and mouse game, both of canines in his mouth showing to be slightly enlarged, giving him more of a feral look. Katsuo seemed to suck in the light of everything nearby, making even Kazuki appear dim.

"Rip. Tear. Grind! Chew!" Katsuo babbled in Harutos ear, his anger swelling inside of him to the point of drowning out the other cognitive thoughts. Kazuki spoke soothing words, trying to calm him down, but it seemed futile. She tried anyway, knowing that without her guiding words and thoughts Haruto would not fight as well, becoming more of a raging beast instead of a Shinigami.
Posted 7/8/12 , edited 7/9/12

myteogre wrote:

*Aki shunpoed above him and laughed a little* Calm down hell hound or else you'll lose a fang! Sail upon the waves into the tempting seas. Ride the endless cascade Otakebi Nami! *his sword is covered in water and it splits into two dual blades that look like Kyoraku's zanpukto and he canceled out the kido, becoming visible to Haruto and water gathered on his sword* biribiri touza! *he swings the blades down at him as two large arcs of highly pressurized water flies at you at a fast speed. I am taking advantage of the fact that you are enraged and I say this to try to enrage you more* Get some fucking anger management by the way, you're like a rabid mutt with rabies! *he chuckles slightly hoping that this will get a reaction out of him*

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