ɴαrυтo ѕнιppυdeɴ roleplαy
Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/23/12

нey ɢυyѕ. welcoмe тo тнe ɴαrυтo ѕнιppυdeɴ rolplαy.
нereѕ wнere yoυ ɢυyѕ cαɴ roleplαy αѕ yoυr ғαvorιтe cнαrαcтer(ѕ).
тнere wιll вe α pαɢe oғ αll тнe тαĸeɴ cнαrαcтerѕ. вυт ιғ ѕoмe elѕe αlreαdy тooĸ yoυr ғαvorιтe cнαrαcтer(ѕ),
yoυ cαɴ мαĸe yoυr owɴ αт ''ɴιɴjα creαтιoɴ''. αɴd тнere wιll αlѕo вe α pαɢe ғor тнαт тoo.
ɴow ғor тнe ɴαrυтo ѕнιppυdeɴ roleplαy, ιғ тнereѕ αɴy cнαrαcтer ғroм ɴαrυтo ѕнιppυdeɴ тнαт we doɴ'т нαve,
pleαѕe тell υѕ oɴ тнe wαll. we'll lιѕт тнe ɴαrυтo ѕнιppυdeɴ cнαrαcтerѕ oɴ тнe ғιrѕт poѕт.
yoυ oɴly poѕт yoυr ɴιcĸɴαмe αɴd тнe cнαrαcтer yoυ wαɴт тo roleplαy wιтн ιғ ιт'ѕ ɴoт αlreαdy тαĸeɴ.
yoυ ɢυyѕ cαɴ roleplαy αѕ мαɴy cнαrαcтerѕ αѕ yoυ wαɴт.
clιcĸ нere тo ѕee тнe тαĸeɴ cнαrαcтerѕ.
clιcĸ нere тo мαĸe yoυr owɴ cнαrαcтer αт "ɴιɴjα creαтιoɴ".

αlѕo pleαѕe ғollow rυleѕ dowɴ вelow. well нαve ғυɴ αɴd eɴjoy!


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