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яєα∂ ρℓєαѕє:

1. No god modding! What god modding means is that you land a attack without giving them a chance to dodge. You have to give everyone a chance! But please, everyone, you must take a least one hit out of 10! If I see that you are dodging everything, you will have points added on! Characters will NOT DIE in this roleplay, but hurt to extreme measures. Whoever accumulates the least amount of points by the end of the two months is the victor, and we restart. If I see that you aren't posting to avoid being hurt, you will gain 10 points. Please make sure you roleplay with any injuries you receive.

2. Be Active! Post at least once every two days! For all of your characters! Remember, your characters can't be in two places at one time! If you are a gamemaker, please note, that you can't be bias and must attack everyone. Gamemakers simply post a event they want to occur on in whatever forum they pick so everyone, make sure you look at all the forums! They could be handing out stuff, but at a price!

3. Be respectful to the Creator and Mods.There is a reason behind our instructions!

4. Write your words fully~! No : u's, w.e and so on.

5. Please use that handy dandy quote button!

6. Put quoted posts in a Spoiler. When you press quote it will take you to the text box. Highlight the post you quoted and press the button with a big !

7. Be descriptive. One liners will result in a point added onto your tribute. Make your post full and complete in length! But quality over quantity! Please describe your actions, and include why you are doing them. Try to give your character a unique personality, and don't be afraid to be the "mean" girl/guy.

8. Third person, in past tense. That doesn't mean you speak past tense though. Here is a example: Suzy stumbled through the thicket, looking behind her constantly. She wasn't sure if anyone was coming. "I need to get out of here~!" She ran.... See how it follows? Write like your life depended on it! The more action and description, the better time you'll have!

9. Invite your firends! More rpers the better~! And the quicker we start the games!

10. No limit on cussing. Please swear as often as you'd like! Also, please don't avoid romance!! Get in alliances!! But please don't make one bigger than four people. If you truly want to be able to trust your alliance members, invite your friends!
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