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∂ιѕтяιcт 1
District 1 is responsible for making luxury items for the Capitol. Because of this, the district is considered to be the wealthiest one among the 11 other districts. This district is a career district, which means that their tributes are career tributes who have been training for the Hunger Games ever since they were young even though it’s against the law.

∂ιѕтяιcт 2
District 2 is responsible manufacture weaponry, trains, and supply Peacekeepers. The people who reside in this district are often called “the pets” since they are the Capitols biggest supporters and are pampered by them and given extra conveniences.

∂ιѕтяιcт 3
District 3’s industry consists of a variety of general electronics of many kinds, such as the television, and is known for making mechanical products like automobiles and firearms. Even though District 1 and 2 are Career Districts, District 3 is not.

∂ιѕтяιcт 4
District 4’s industry is fishing, so many residents have knowledge and experience for using nets and tridents, making fishhooks from scratch, swimming, and identifying edible sea life. Even though District 3 is not a Career Tribute, District 4 is.

∂ιѕтяιcт 5
District 5's industry is power. This district is responsible for things like power plants for the other districts. Unfortunately, little is known about this district.

∂ιѕтяιcт 6
District 6's industry is transportation. This district is responsible for making things such as railroad tracks and ways to keep fruits and vegetables from District 11 safe and unspoiled as it arrives to the Capitol. This District circulates the transportation to things district from district, district to Capitol, and whatnot.

∂ιѕтяιcт 7
District 7 is responsible for lumber. Many of it’s residents have experience with hatchets, axes, saws, and other tree cutting tools. In this district, their children begin to work at an early age.

∂ιѕтяιcт 8
District 8’s principal industry is the production of textiles. They have at least one factory that is use to make the uniforms for the Peacekeepers. This district is also in charge of making blankets, socks, and other fabric items for the other districts.

∂ιѕтяιcт 9
District 9's industry is grain. They are in charge of growing grain and making sure there is enough grain supplies in the districts. They also make goods like corn silk.

∂ιѕтяιcт 10
District 10’s industry is livestock. They are in charge of making wool and taking care of barn animals. They also make a variety of meat from chicken, lamb, cow, pig, bull, etc. Their marriage rituals are also similar to those of District 4.

∂ιѕтяιcт 11
District 11’s industry is agriculture—orchards and fields of grain and cotton surround the district. Almost everything grown is shipped directly to the Capitol. It is one of the poorest districts in Panem, second only to District 12. It is also one of the districts where the Peacekeepers are the strictest.

∂ιѕтяιcт 12
District 12's industry is coal mining. The district has the distinction of being one of the poorest districts, if not the outright poorest, in all of Panem. District 12 is also known as the laughing stock of Panem. This District had only had one winner of the games so far in all the years the Hunger Games were played.

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