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Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/24/12

ρσιит ѕуѕтєм
Amputation: 10 points
Punctured organs: 9 points
Broken bones: 7 points
Burns/Dislocation : 6 points
Poisoning & Laceration(Stabbing, gashes): 5 points
Freezing/Overheating: 4 points
Sensory Impairment/Cut: 3 points
Contusion(Bruise): 2 points
Inflammation: 1 point

Any time you sustain a wound, please revisit this page and in the comments, use OOC to report your injuries. If you don't report your injuries, you will get 10 points added on with/without your knowledge. Characters must sustain wounds and keep the wounds; you aren't magically okay the next day. If you lose a leg or a arm, you will NOT get the body part back, EVER, even if it's on the wish list. If you are burned, you have to roleplay with that burn. You can not avoid roleplaying with other people. If you don't communicate to other roleplayers, you get points added on to you. And the Gamemakers will come after you. Please try to get in one fight daily. Also, you can't magically heal UNLESS a visitor grants your wish or one of your teammates knows medical plants. Please be realistic, plants aren't going to heal punctured organs. Remember, no one dies.
вℓσσ∂вαтн ιиfσ; вαgѕ

Like the movies, at the blood bath there will be bags and weapons for people to grab. They all have useful items for this years environment. Either you get something or you don't.

6x Grey Dufflebags each numbered 1-6 Grey Dufflebags have one loaf of bread and a pair of sunglasses. The Grey Dufflebags are on the outside rim of the Cornucopia.

2xSilver packs; Canned peas, gauze,empty bottle for water, pot. The Silver backpack is slighty closer to the Cornucopia than the Grey Dufflebags.

2xGolden packs; Flashlight,dried pack of fruit, wax, and a wick. The Golden Dufflebag is half way to the Cornucopia.

1xAzure pack; Band-Aid, crackers, dried beef, extra pair of shoes, a empty bottle for water. The Azure backpack is slightly closer to the Cornucopia than the Golden Pack.

3xRed packs; Rope,compass,extra pair of socks, sling shot,net. The Red pack is 3/4 of the way to the Cornucopia.

1xBlack pack; Iodine, bomb shells, nuts, hat, small coil of wire. The Black pack is leaning against the left side of the Cornucopia.

1xWhite pack; Sleeping bag,a bottle filed with water, matches, chest armor. This dufflebag is within the Cornucopia.
вℓσσ∂вαтн ιиfσ; ωєαρσиѕ
This list may change as people apply.

1x sword left.The sword is located 3/4 of the way to the Cornucopia.

1xlong sword. This weapon is within the Cornucopia.

4x short spears. Are located a little more than half way to the Cornucopia.

1xkatana. This is located on top of the Cornucopia.

1x normal spear. This is located within the Cornucopia.

2xbatons. These are located half way to the Cornucopia.

3xmaces. These are located a little less than half the way.

4xdaggers. These are located just slightly below the half way mark.

1xwhip. This is leaning against the Cornucopia's right side.

1xaxe. This weapon is also within the Cornucopia.

1xtrident. This weapon is a little more than 3/4 of the way to the Cornucopia.

1xpole. This weapon is 3/4 of the way to the Cornucopia.

1xmetal chain without daggers. This is located 3/4 of the way to the Cornucopia.

2 sets of 5 throwing knives. These are located at the edge of the Cornucopia area, so people can grab them and quickly bring down their opponents.

1x metal bow with a quiver of steel arrows. This is also located 3/4 of the way to the Cornucopia.
вℓσσ∂вαтн ιиfσ; ∂ιѕтαиcєѕ
You might be wondering why I included half the way, or 3/4 the way. These distances are used as a key to the following guide. Distances=how many post you must make in order to get a certain item at the BLOODBATH ONLY. Post must be at least 2 sentences or they will not count!

Outside the rim= 2 post

A little closer=3 post

Half way=4 post

A little more than half way=5 post

Against the wall=6 post

Inside=7 post

On top of the Cornucopia=8 post are required to get the items/weapons you need. 2 items max per person. So either one weapon and pack, or two packs, or two weapons. Listen to your mentors!
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