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Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/24/12
The Tribute's job is to stay alive. Your mentor will have a ear piece that allows you two to talk back and forth with each other, but the mentor can't tell you where other tributes are. Your goal is simply to avoid getting hurt, and dominate in battles. You are supposed to take your mentors advice, but it's your life, not theirs. Whatever you do, and who you fall in love with or fight is up to you.

Gamemakers are the devils in disguise. Your job is to break tributes down, apart, make them turn on each other, or just make their lives hell. To do this, you will pick any forum you desire. In that forum, you will write a post with whatever effects you wish to take place. Ex: Lizzy clicked the keyboard, smiling with ease. Now, in the Northern Tunnels there are candy pink birds and mutant dogs. She knows at least two people are going to be injured.

You should include your conditions in these kind of points(Lizzy's was two people must be hurt.) But you can't ask for anything higher than five points to occur. You can summon whatever you want, whenever. Please monitor the roleplayers and whenever you feel like things are too boring, post another event. Make life hell for them!

A mentor's job is to keep the tribute alive. A mentor will talk back and forth with each of their district tributes with a earpiece. Feel free to roleplay with each other. A mentor has to look for sponsors to grant their tributes wishes, and gets to pretend they are watching a TV. So they know everything, and can expose everything expect other tributes locations. If a mentor messes up and reveals a location, the tribute gets 5 points added on. You don't have to be a good mentor though. Rip them to shreds if you'd like.

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