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Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/24/12
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First off: I'm giving you this information so you can work it to your benefit. Instead of having a happy, cheery, girl going into this, you might think twice. Or else your character will be crying all the time. This is NOT a forum to roleplay on, just so you can base your character around this years arena.

This idea is kind of a stretch from what would normally find as an Arena. So basically the areas you can go to have many creepy things about them. I figured that one area can be a field of graves with the dead tributes names on the from previous hunger games, if a tribute searches close enough through the graves, they will find that their name is written on an empty grave in-front of an empty coffin. Another area could be a forest of huge dead trees, the good thing about this though is that there is small vegetation growing there despite the trees being dead. As for water, there could be a river or a pond filled with bones of dead people. The center piece to this is that there is a catacomb that tributes can go to for shelter without having to build anything... but there maybe something lurking in it. The arena is in a kind of eternal-twilight state making the sky red and giving the moon a eerie glow.
(Not my idea, but from another site.)
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