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It occupies the middle of the three buildings. It is on the first level and is a gym. Don't freak out if you find some bloodstains. Some unfortunate incidents have happened there.
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Jenny stood in front of a boxing bag, clad in black leggings, black basketball shorts, green boxing gloves, green converse and a green tank top, with her hair into a messy bun. Panting, she stood up straight and continued her training, 'hook, uppercut, jab, block, hook, uppercut, jab, block' she repeated in her mind. After about 2 hours she walked to her bag slung it over her shoulder and walked towards her dorm room to pack for the trip while drinking her water from her water bottle. She looked at the clock that hung on the wall and smiled at how much time she had left before the trip to Scotland started. Walking off slowing with water bottle in hand she left to pack.
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