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It's placed in an improbable place. Or maybe quite probable depending on your viewpoint. It surrounds the courtyard and you well, run on it. Need I say more?
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Cherry's breathing got heavier after a kilometre or so of running. She decided to take a break, so she veered off the circular running track and took a seat on the ground beside her bag. She rummaged impatiently for her water bottle and ended up spilling it all over her towel and post-workout chocolate bar. She swore under her breath and swiftly got up, still panting heartily and pouring with sweat. She decided to go to the headquarters for a fresh bar and towel. After mustering up every particle of energy she had, she bolted out of the running area, flipping her head right and left in the bitterly cold winds as to make sure nobody was watching.
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Sage sighed as she watched the girl run away and walked carefully towards the track, with her gym bag swung over her shoulder. She was clad in Red basketball shorts, a black tank top and red running shoes. Leaving her bag close to the track with her water canister leaning against it. She slowly made her way to the beginning of the track and started stretching and warming up. After all the stretches she finally started running at a normal pace.After about 30 laps she sat down and drank from her canister. Looking at her watch she frowned at the time she had left to pack before the trip to Scotland started. She ran off to pack.
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