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Posted 6/25/12 , edited 6/25/12
The headquarters for Deadly Nightshade. Only the members know where it is.
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Cherry ran stumbled into the headquarters and instantly slammed her body against one of the cushioned seats. She pressed her head against the squeaky leather, listening to the pounding of her pulse and the high-pitched wheezing sound her breaths made.
After five minutes, she sat up, satisfied to be spared another day of Gladiolus finding out about the headquarters.
Chocolate! She remembered, and jumped off the seat. She skidded over to another sofa that had a cover that stretched down to the floor like a curtain. Perfect for hiding things, like chocolate. She slided her hand across the floor and fumbled for a chocolate bar. She pulled out a giant bubbly caramel bar, slumped on the sofa and unwrapped the foil. She began to eat the seventy grams of candy.
After twenty minutes, she chucked the wrapper in her bag, stowed it under the sofa, sucked on the remaining five squares of chocolate and made a descision to go to the courtyard. She walked out of the headquarters.
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