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Since I know many of you don't reread the groups info, here's a forum with an explanation of The Shinda and The Fourth Zone. Make sure to ask if you have any questions.

The Fourth Zone

The Fourth Zone was once known as the: Memory Zone. They were a peaceful and quiet zone. They tried not to participate in the War of Zones at all. Everyone in this Zone had such happy lives. They had an abundant amount of food, water, and shelter. They were thriving during a time when the other Zone's cities were just beginning to become a civilization.

This went on for many years, and hate and envy grew stronger towards the Memory Zone. Eventually the Zones banded together. They only wanted to send a warning, to scare them and destroy a few crop fields. But... it didn't turn out that way.

An accidental explosion, and a mad soldier.

The soldier, gone mad from losing his lover only 2 days before, went into the houses, shooting families dead. The other soldiers, confused with the explosion and wondering if a new order had arrived, followed suit. The slaughter became known as "The Blood of Memory"

When the Leaders managed to gain control of the situation again, it was too late, the Memory Zone had retaliated and war started. The war took place for 2 years.However 3 against one, was there really a war to begin with? It has been 100 years since than.
They thought, that everyone was dead. But no, a few survivors managed to escape the fires, and the rubble, the few known as "The Shinda"

The Shinda

The Shinda are the 20 survivors of The Fourth Zone War.
They are strong and powerful, and although the war took place 100 years ago, the Shinda are stil alive and well. Some power has kept them from aging. They have the exact same age and appearance as they had when the war started. Among the Shinda, they call that power "Revenge". They say that Revenge is the reason they are so powerful that no mere human could kill them. They are stronger and faster than humans, and have remarkable healing powers. A scratch will heal in a few minute.

The only way to kill The Shinda is to cut off their head or to stab their heart.

The Shinda no longer have normal classes or races, the Shinda have their own.

-Shinda Races-
-Fallen Angel
-Dark Elf

-Shinda Classes-
- Dark Knight
- Dark Magic Magician
- Priest
- Shadow Thief

The Shinda are the 'villains' in this world, though no one knows of their existence, they are secretly plotting in the background. To bring destruction and chaos to the world just as what happened to them.

Rules for The Shinda
- You can not RP in Zones Cities.
- You may RP in Neutral Cities and areas.
- You can RP with normal character, again not in other zones cities.
- Please don't kill anyone's characters (unless you have been given permission from the RP-er)
- You do not have to lovers, but if you want one make sure it is another Shinda
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