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This is where members can go and ask for help or look up information about the group and the series.


1. Create A Character
2. Robot Factory (Optional)
3. Galaxy Population Information Center (Viewing Only)

Roleplay Activities

1. Universal Missions
2. Dreadzone
2. Secret Agent Clank


Gadgetron Vendors, this is where members buy weapons, ammo, armor, mods, and other goods.


NPC Database


Bolts - currency
Gadgets - were devices which were used to advance in the game. Each gadget had an ability to interact with special targets designed for them. The most used gadget in the Ratchet & Clank series was the Swingshot.
Items - were similar devices to the gadgets but the difference between them was that the items could only be equipped when they were needed.
Devices - were a class of combat objects that appeared in Tools of Destruction. The difference between devices and weapons was that the devices were used for backup as the weapons were used to directly defeat enemies.
Weapons - were devices used for defeating one's foes in combat. Ratchet used many of them in his adventures. Weapons were manufactured by many corporations such as Gadgetron, GrummelNet, Megacorp and Vox Industries. Originally, Ratchet's weapons had only one purchasable upgrade for his weapons called Gold Weapons - but later they were modified to have an ability of sucking nanomites from defeated enemies so they could upgrade to stronger versions automatically. Nanomites were planted inside beings and technology. It allowed weapons to upgrade and health to be enhanced in the form of nanotech. To obtain an enemy's Nanomites, had to be killed. The stronger the enemy, the more Nanomites it had.
Nanomites - were first introduced with Megacorp. Megacorp's armor and weapons were both able to absorb Nanomites. Once the armor absorbed enough Nanomites, the maximum Nanotech of the user increased. When enough is absorbed by a weapon, it upgrades, becoming more powerful. After introduced by Megacorp, others like Gadgetron decided to make their technology Nanomite-absorbent.
Nanotech - was technology that consisted of nanomites (nanobots) living in many living organisms, robots and other technology such as weapons. Nanomites then repaired the being they were inside, or performed other tasks such as upgrading weapons. Originally Nanotech was just used to improve health, however as technology advanced weapons became more and more upgradable.

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