who are your favorite naruto shippuden characters and why?

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Posted 6/27/12 , edited 6/28/12
my favorite characters are sai, shino, minato, tobi, shikamaru, and kakashi. reason for sai is because he cant read the emotions of people and tht puts him in an awkward positions......shino because he always holds a grudge and its funny everytime he brings them up.......minato because he is really cool and the way him and kushina met was cute....tobi he always makes me laugh cuz hes so goofy........shikamaru because he's so intellegent......and last but not least kakashi, i love it when he reads the make-out paradise books and obsesses with them
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/28/12
My favorite character in naruto ship has to be hinata XD. She gave herself an extra second before fainting everytime naruto comes up to her face lmao. and this is my favorite part (forgot epi ><) because what naruto was saying as to go with him, it is commonly used to refer to going to a hotel and ... yeahhh! instead of what he actually ment, so hinata is sooo perverted
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