[2012~KDrama] Childless Comfort
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Posted 6/27/12 , edited 11/14/12


Title: 무자식 상팔자 / Childless Comfort
Chinese Title: 無子無懮
Genre: Family
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: jTBC
Director : Jeong Eul-yeong (A Thousand Days' Promise~2011, Life is Beautiful~2010, Mom's Dead Upset~2008, My Man's Woman~2007, Precious Family~2004
Screenplay : Kim Su-hyun (A Thousand Days' Promise~2011, Life is Beautiful~2010, Mom's Dead Upset~2008, My Man's Woman~2007, Precious Family~2004)
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-27 to 2013-Feb-03
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:50


A story about communication and love in a family through quarrels and relationships between parents and children.

Ho Sik (Lee Soon Jae) Married Geum Sil (Seo Woo Rim), who are the Grandpa & Grandma pair at the top of the family tree.

First son (Yoo Dong Geun) married (Kim Hae Sook), and Seo Yeong (Uhm Ji Won) is their daughter.

Second son Hee Myung (Song Seung Hwan) married (Im Ye Jin), and Third son Hee Gyoo (Yoon Da Hoon) married (Kyun Miri).

Seong Gi (Ha Suk Jin) is a dental surgeon and will play a grandson in this family. Dae Gi (Jung Joon) is a bank employee and will paired with (Kim Ji Yoo)


Lee Soon Jae as Ho Sik
Seo Woo Rim as Geum Sil
Jun Yang Ja as Shin Young-Ja
Yoo Dong Geun as An Hee-Jae
Kim Hae Sook as Yoo Dong Geun’s wife
Song Seung Hwan as An Hee-Myung
Im Ye Jin as Ji Yoo-Jung
Yoon Da Hoon as An Hee-Kyu
Kyun Miri as Shin Sae-Rom
Uhm Ji Won as An So-Young
Ha Suk Jin as Seong Gi
Jung Joon as Dae Gi
Oh Yoon Ah as Lee Yeong Hyun
Son Na Eun
Baek Jeong-Min as An Joon-Ki
Kim Min-Kyung as Kang Hyo-Joo

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Posted 8/22/12 , edited 8/22/12

Yoo Dong-geun meets Kim Su-hyun for the first time in 12 years

Actor Yoo Dong-geun stars in Kim Su-hyun's drama for the first time in 12 years. He takes on the role of Hee-jae, the eldest son of Ho-sik (Lee Soon-jae) in the new jTBC weekend drama "Childless Comfort" that's coming on the 13th of October.

Yoo Dong-geun is returning with a drama for the first time in a year and eight months since drama "ATHENA" in February last year. Yoo Dong-geun was cast for writer Kim Su-hyun's drama first in the year 2000 for SBS "Populus Tree" as the third son of Lee Soon-jae. He is Lee Soon-jae's son once again.

"Childless Comfort" Hee-jae is a round and bubbly character and a former teacher who also has diabetes. He is loyal and obedient to his nurse wife Ji-ae (Kim Hae-sook) but his patience reaches its limit when his trusty daughter So-yeong (Eom Ji-won) causes trouble.

This is a new change for Yoo Dong-geun compared to the heavy roles of a king, a general or a chairman of a huge company he's played so far. He's made new glasses to go along with the timid image he is in this drama.

Meanwhile, "Childless Comfort" starts shooting on the 23rd.

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Posted 8/22/12 , edited 8/23/12

Alex no longer part of ‘Fortune Favors the Childless’ cast

Alex, who is currently taking a hiatus after a recent drunk driving incident, is no longer part of the cast of jTBC‘s ‘Fortune Favors the Childless‘.

Alex was to play the son of actor Song Seung Hwan on the show. However, on July 18th, after Alex was arrested for driving under the influence, it was uncertain whether he would be kept on the show.

On August 22nd, jTBC announced that Alex’s role will be replaced by actor Jung Joon, and that the cast and staff will rush to begin filming on August 23rd.

In related news, ‘Fortune Favors the Childless’ revolves around the lives of three families in the suburbs of Seoul. The program will begin airing on October 13th.

Source & Image: My Daily via Naver

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Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/3/12

Ha Suk-jin signs on to new cable drama

The new drama is (roughly translated) Childless Good Fortune, and it’ll be the next project by veteran writer Kim Soo-hyun. Yes, her last project Thousand Day Promise did kind of end up on my shit list (have a plot, ferpetessake, other than “She’s dying, in the most depressing way possible”!), but she’s really quite a respected and talented writer; she also has Life Is Beautiful, Mom’s Dead Upset, and My Man’s Woman on her resumé, big hits all. PD Jung Eul-young from those previous dramas will also be onboard.

It’s a cable drama slated for weekends on JTBC, and is centered around the three generations of a family living in one house in the suburbs of Seoul. Hm, I wonder if the title is ironic then, like, “Man, NOT having kids would’ve been the good life!” Lee Soon-jae (everybody’s grandpa ever, from My Princess, The King 2 Hearts, and High Kick 1 and 2), plays the patriarch at the center, who has three married sons and a handful of grandchildren. He apparently wants them all procreating, stat. Which, ha, makes him different from every other grandpa how?

So here’s how the family breaks down: Lee Soon-jae’s character is married to Seo Woo-rim, who are the grandpa-grandma pair at the top of the family tree. First son Yoo Dong-geun (Athena) is married to Kim Hae-sook, and Eom Ji-won (Can Love Become Money) is their daughter. Aww, Kim Hae-sook is the best mom actress ever, whether she’s cool and reserved (Thousand Day Promise) or boisterous (My Mom), and Eom Ji-won has got a bubbly charm of her own, which means I’ll probably love them together.

Second son Song Seung-hwan is married to Im Ye-jin, and third son Yoon Da-hoon is married to Kyun Miri. Dunno much about their characters yet.

In the show, Ha Suk-jin is a grandson and will play a dental surgeon. So, my worst nightmare. But he sounds cute, described as having a “scatterbrained charm” as a guy who looks like he’s put together and posh, only all his salary goes to pay a debt and he even has a part-time job… which he uses to buy clothes. Heh.

Rounding out the cast are Jung Joon (Thousand Day Promise) as a bank employee, paired with Kim Min-kyung (Padam Padam). And youngest Baek Jong-min (My Daughter Flower) plays an “aspiring barista,” to which I say, PFFFFT. What is it with dramas and their insistence that being a barista is something requiring years of schooling abroad and careful study? I take my coffee seriously, and even I know that’s a stretch.

The drama premieres on October 13 and is set for 30 episodes.

Via Osen

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Posted 9/25/12 , edited 9/26/12

A Pink’s Na-Eun cast in jTBC’s upcoming drama ‘Childless Comfort’

A Pink‘s Na-Eun will be joining the upcoming jTBC drama, ‘Childless Comfort‘! On September 26th, A Cube Entertainment announced, “Son Na-Eun has been cast as the role of ‘Oh Soomi’ in jTBC’s special weekend drama, ‘Childless Comfort’, written by writer Kim Soo Hyun.”

‘Oh Soomi’ is a third year high school student who leaves her hometown to go to Seoul after the death of her father. She’s a hard working young girl who runs part-time jobs at night while still attending school. Confident and positive, she isn’t shy when it comes to making new friends.

Na-Eun expressed, “I’m really nervous about working with a lot of top seniors on a drama written by writer Kim Soo Hyun and directed by Jung Eul Young, but I’m excited about learning a lot of new things. I’ll do my best to portray the role of ‘Oh Soomi’, who’s also the same age as me.”

This is Na-Eun’s third acting role following her casting in SBS‘s ‘The Great Seer‘ and the movie ‘Marrying the Mafia 5‘. ‘Childless Comfort’, also starring Lee Soon Jae, Ha Suk Jin, Im Ye Jin, and more, will begin airing next month.

Source + Photos: Kuki Media via Naver

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Posted 10/12/12 , edited 10/12/12

A Pink’s Na-Eun completes first filming of ‘Childless Comfort’

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