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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/29/12
So, I had to make one of these lol. here, u can create your character and just rp as an anime cat in an anime cat's world :L This'll be awesome, once i make different locations and stuff in other forums. RPing is one of the many things u can do in Anime Kitty City. I'll be making new forums too just 4 fun! By the way, the name Nya! Character and Nya! Name means absolutely nothing but your anime cat and the name for your anime cat lol. And now, what you've all probably ignored the description for: the FORM!


Nya! name:
Bio (how your anime cat got adopted and his/her life today) :
Owner (name, age, quick bio) :
Favorite Toy:
Personal Defense (scratching, biting, etc. lol) :
Favorite Food:
Photo (in anime form only and in spoiler, of cat and owner, seperate or together doesnt matter)

Kay, u know the drill, i accept, u have fun!


Here is mine!

Nya! name: Snowflake
Looks: deep green eyes with long red hair and light skin.
Personality: Fun and playful despite her mysterious looks and has a taste for mischief. She travels many places with her owner.
Bio: It was a cold winter day and stray Snowflake was a very young kitten, abandoned by his mother because her misguided thoughts had lead her to think that Snowflake must be ready to face the world at an extremely young age. She came across a stray rescuer named Lucy who apparently just rescued her first stray cat on the job, but couldn't bear to part with Snowflake. She ended up keeping her as her own. Currently, Lucy brings Snowflake on all of her rescue jobs, some outside of the city, or even the country!
Owner: Lucy, age 23 and recently graduated from college. She had always loved animals, especially cats, so she landed her first job as a stray cat rescuer. She enjoys traveling with Snowflake, so even on duty she always makes sure to include some side trips. She has a bunny named Marshmallow, but Snowflake doesn't get along with her very much x)
Favorite Toy: Flashlights!
Personal Defense: Shredding clothes of attacker : )
Favorite Food: Gelato! she loves traveling to Italy.
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 7/2/12

Nya! name: Berry!
Looks: Short in height, Pink short hair, and cherry red eyes! Light tan skin too! White ears and tail with a giant red ribbon!
Personality: Completely child-like, Will wander into her own world (And drool at that!) and yet come up with weird unquestionable questions.
Bio (how your anime cat got adopted and his/her life today) : Berry wandered off into a bakery, the women couldn't help but to give her treats. she came regularly to help out and get rewarded for treats. Since her parents couldn't afford berry no longer, the baker decided that she would be more than happy to adopt berry
Owner (name, age, quick bio) : Sanae, 25, She is the baker that adopted Berry. Unlikely that she would adopt anymore, she had her own reasons. Her grandchildren would come regularly every summer and occupied berry. Happy family life!
Favorite Toy: Anything with a bell chime!
Personal Defense (scratching, biting, etc. lol) : Berry flails all about, usually shrilling would give anyone a horrifying migraine.
Favorite Food: SWEETS~!!!

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Posted 6/29/12 , edited 6/29/12
omigosh i forgot the photo! remember to include a photo!! and in anime cat form only, and in spoiler plz ;D wait wait let me edit the instructions... and project1001, ill accept once u edit a pcture in srry!
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