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(I will be playing the old Guardians, as well as my own character.)

Th Royal Garden was soon to be filled with people, and the new Guardians were hard at work straightening it up. "Kagei! Stop pestering Shirou and help us clean!" Tamashi yelled, grabbing her devil chara by the tail and pulling her away from the white cat chara, who was watering the flowers. "Do something useful for a change."

"As you wish," Kagei replied, sneering. "Oi, Shirou! Get your tail over here or I'm doing a DHT!" The cat quickly zoomed over, panting.

"DHT?" Tamashi asked curiously, sighing as she picked up a scrap of paper from the stone floor.

"Dark Heart Transformation," Kagei told her before turning back to Shirou. "Let's see how far the old Guardians are from reaching us. Come on!" She grabbed Shirou's tail and began pulling her out of the greenhouse, leaving the white cat chara to whine as she was pulled along. Then, a quick gasp erupted from the two of them.

"Shirou, Kagei, どうした (what's wrong)?" Tamshi called, scrambling down the stairs and out the door. Seeing the gathered group, she stammered an apology before bowing deeply. "W-Welcome back! We've tried our hardest!" She paled as she saw two certain people she knew. "...Mom, dad... Hey, why's dad here? He wasn't a Guardian."

"I can believe it," Amu said brightly, smiling as she ruffled her daughter's hair. "And Ikuto has every right to come along, and Utau too. We all worked together."

"She makes a good point, though. Why bring him here?" The cold voice of Rima rang through the greenhouse, and everyone sweatdropped.

"Well, it's nice to be back, common-" Kiseki started, flying up from behind Tadase, but was cut off.

"Kusukusukusu!" Rima's chara, Kusukusu, giggled, interrupting him. The little clown chara had been doing flips in the air until a moment ago, and was now flying through the air with Kiseki on her tail.

"How dare you interrupt the king?" Kiseki yelled, his eyes glowing red in anger.

" やれやれ (Geez)," Nagihiko sighed, his long purple hair sweeping over his shoulders. "Quite a loud party we have here." He was leaned against a supporting beam beside Rima, the headphones on his neck making him bear a huge grin. Rhythm had struck again...

"My flowers are looking so かわいい (cute)!" A new voice rang through the room, and none other than Yuiki Yaya ran in next, Pepe-chan following close behind. "You're so mean, みんな (guys)! You left me behind!"

(That's all for now. And sorry, I just love Japanese! Whenever I know some I put it in!)
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Posted 7/31/12 , edited 7/31/12
"Gomenasai Tamashi -chan, I came late so I could get the Ichigo Cake for today's meeting," Melody said, " And this cake has extra strawberries on it!!! So let's ... eat? Wow!!! the old guardians are here and your parents too!" Melody was surprised at the fact that they were here.

"Umm, Tamashi? I think we are missing some of the former guardians Kairi, Kukai, and Rikka? I wonder if they are late..." Melody asked, "It would be nice if they came so that we can all eat the cake together." Melody sighed. "But at least most of them are here."

"Hey does anyone want some music? You know what to do Senritsu...." Melody said. "Of course Melody should we try out Pretty Tune this time!" Senritsu said.

"Watashi no kokoro, UNLOCK!! Chara Nari Melody Music! Pretty Tune!" All of a sudden the music changed to a harmonic mix of both piano and beats music with the help of Nagihiko.

"So everyone, what do you think of our new move?" Melody asked.
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"Sorry we're late, minna!" A voice called out- a voice that almost sounded like a smirk in itself. On the other side of the greenhouse, Utau groaned and facepalmed, leaning against the glass walls as if her life depended on it. "And now, here comes the Sky Jack!" The boy grinned, his auburn hair glinting bronze in the sun. As he lost his pilot goggles and hoverboard, his sporty Chara Daichi landed on his head, grinning.

"Hinamori-san, it is quite good to see you again," Kairi muttered from behind where Kukai was showing off, pushing his glasses up his nose. Musashi sat on the samurai's shoulder, absorbed into what looked like an old scroll, Shugo Chara size.

"Come on, Hikaru! We're late!" Another voice yelled, high-pitched and cheerful. A mellow murmur of emotionless speech met her words, and all the Guardians sweatdropped.

"Those must be..." Tamashi murmured, exchanging a glance with the sleepy Shirou. "Rikka and Hikaru?"

"Yup! That's us! Our Charas are at home, sleeping~! Sorry!" Rikka sang as she ran through the gardens to glomp her old senpai. "Amu-senpai! Great to see you!" she announced enthusiastically, and the pinkette laughed.

"Good to see you too, Rikka-chan." Amu smiled, and they soon began a lively conversation.

Meanwhile, the Charas had been rediscovering their old home, the Guardian's dollhouse. "Someone needs to dust more, nya," Yoru commented, his amber eyes lazily floating around the house. "Come on, Shirou," he meowed at the white cat Chara.

"Hai, Yoru-oniichan!" Shirou sang, following the black cat. Behind them, Kagei sighed, Kusukusu giggled, and Daichi threw open the fridge.

"Restock this thing more often!" Daichi yelled, clutching his stomach. "I'm going to cave in from hunger..."

"You just ate an hour ago," Il yelled, glaring at the sporty Chara with gleaming red eyes.

"I will go get some food," El announced somberly. "We must complete this mission! I swear I will, because I am El, the love angel!" She struck a pose, and the Charas facepalmed.

"El... This is about food," Kagei said bluntly. "Deal with it."

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"Don't worry Daichi," Senritsu said with a warm smile, "We brought cake just in case."

"So how is everyone doing these days?" Melody asked, "If you are ever wondering how we are doing catching X-Eggs, Tamashi and I are doing fine."

"Muri, Muri, Muri"

Meanwhile at the Guardians Dollhouse.....

"Hi everyone! It's nice to see the Shugo Chara of the former guardians here." Senritsu said, "So how is everything going?"

While watching the Shugo Charas having a great time, Melody was staring at the sky daydreaming about how fun it must be to be the former guardians for one day, and she let out a sigh.

"Muri, Muri, Muri"

Senritsu went up to Melody and asked, "What's wrong? You would usually put on your headphones and listen to music, or did you forget something at home? Chotto!!!! Are you listening to me?"

Melody answered, "It's nothing, it feels great to know that the former guardians are having a great time..... It's just that...."

"Just what?" Senritsu said interrupting Melody's speech.

"I wish I brought more cake......" Melody said. When she said that, her tummy made a funny sound and both of them laughed. It was a great day. Clear skies, classic music, everyone having fun.

"Muri, Muri, Muri" That faint sound was going on and on and getting louder every minute.
"Muri, Muri, Muri"

"Hey Senritsu, do you hear anything? Melody asked because that faint sound was aggravating her.

"Muri, Muri, Muri"

"I hear it too..... it sounds like..... X-Eggs! Melody, we gotta tell the others! But, where is it?" Senritsu replied.

Melody rushed over to Tamashi and the others and said, "Minna! We heard X-Eggs but we don't know where it is.... yet....."

Senritsu was trying to find out where the X-Eggs were and they were just outside of Royal Garden

"Tamashi, Senritsu said they were just outside!" Melody said in a rush.

This day would be like other typical days when Melody and the others went out to cleanse the X-Eggs. It was going to be fine.
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