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This is a very random conquest, and your quest can take place in three places-
*The Forum you are in right now (The Castle)
*Personal messaging (Your home)
*Guestbook (prowling the city)

You can teleport when you have the required item, a WADAH BOTTAH, and a level 2 pet, which is any anime character from below or as requested:

Mr.Smiles (you can rename any of these)


The intro to the game:
You are either a prince or a princess, which one are you?
Yes, now child, I know you, your whole life, and where you live. Where do you wish to begin? Send a message to me when your journey has begun. And all men have now been transformed into cat-women. Sonny, your socks are untied.

Option 1: Edward elric (You may change your name as long as you have 100,000,000 yen, but since you don't and never will (your pouch only holds up to 999,999,999 yen, ha!) your name will forever be Ed, Edo, or Edwardo if you don't like Ed.) Ed's power is alchemy, of course, but you can only make rubber duckies of any kind. Yes, they have a lock of hair spraying outwards.

Option 2: Gamzee Makara. With Gamzee, you are immortal, meaning you may never die, but your main weakness is pie, and only Faygo can restore your health. Your power is: Telekenisis, or whatever, maybe just saying mother fuck... His stat will be healing then, but only for other players, and he only uses faygo to heal, meaning Ed can't get healed by Gamzee because he hates milk AND GAMZEE USES FAYGO MILK, SO HA!

Option 3: Kyo Sohma. Kyo's power is anything cat related, so he's the power stat. He is also prone to fangirls, so you'd better watch out for when you're in the city, the castle, or even your home for that matter. Anways, you are never safe unless you enter a Justin Beiber concert, where there are no fangirls at all.

Option 1: Fiona the Human. She's the power stat, and she has a weakness called Kyo, because apperently in my twisted bitter mind, she is an ultra fangirl, so it's better off if she's on your side, cause she gotz da powah.

Option 2: This girl from Orieno. She's the Alchemist. She has pervy fan boys, and since she has no name, her name will be Ai, unless you go proffeser Layton on me and go HER NAME ISN'T AI.

Option 3: Now, I know Oak aint no woman whatsoeveah, but i ran out of chick pics. You can still request/submit your own character so others can be that person too., He is the healer.

When you submit your own, pm it to me so I can later put it on, give you flippin credit, then mess up the stats that you worked so hard on to make this character perfect.

Since I'm the gamemaker, there will be cheats, but you can only find them in my other groups that I created, and you can only see those when you become a member of those groups, so HA!

Your party will consist of three other people- me, boy or girl version of another stat x2

And as the game maker, I choose to be

As Amu, if you choose not to have a party of others, I will travel with you, but if you do have other teammates, I will just be your traveling shop.As you're shop, I can fight for you and act as another player only if you pay me. You can have other adventurers as your teammates (you can have another member be a teammate) but then I'd be exaushted. PLEASE DO SO.

Your starting Stats, Inventory, and powers:
Stats: Alchemy, Power, Charm, Magic
5 5 -8 5 (these are over all stats no matter who you pick)
Inventory:Gold, Weapons, Clothes, Potions
500 Uni-Staff None 15
Alchemist: Ducky Momo effect, I am not a short alchemist ducky trample (codeword trample)
Power: Phsyco punch, I will defeat Yuki someday cat true form (codename I win)
Healer's magic: Heal *fully restores*, I'ma firin mah lazer! *kills, but used once a day*

All can attack with the basic move, strip, leaving any type of opponent seduced and on your side or scared for life.
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