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Posted 6/30/12 , edited 6/30/12
A just-for-fun topic.

Let's say you are someone very rich and very important. Obviously, you will want guards. Describe your defenders and special traits they may have. It doesn't have to be completely realistic, but don't make them....let's say....a group of 5 million immortal gods with the ability to kill people by looking at them. That's just unfair.
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Posted 6/30/12 , edited 7/1/12
mostly the ability to do mundane tasks that i dont feel like doing. invoices, taxes, applications, documentation and such.
Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12
I want a troupe of flash mob dancers who can be summoned at my beck-and-call. I want to be able to conjure them anywhere, like at the DMV, or my kitchen, or my mother's house.
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38 / M / The Void.
Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12
They will be 10,000 5 dimensional beings that have the power to teleport, fly, time travel, acquire matter, expand in size, and read your mind. They will basically be like Seth from Street Fighter IV or Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen.

Posted 7/6/12 , edited 7/6/12
^creepy dude...creepy...
A want walking Bananas!
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