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Shugo Chara! ( Shugo Kyara!), also known as My Guardian Characters, is a Japanese shojo manga series created by the manga author duo, Peach-Pit. The story centers on elementary school girl Amu Hinamori, whose popular exterior, referred to as "cool and spicy" by her classmates, contrasts with her introverted personality. When Amu wishes for the courage to be reborn as her would-be self, she is surprised to find three colorful eggs the next morning, which hatch into three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su.

Shugo Chara! is serialized in the magazine Nakayoshi and published by Kodansha in Japan. Del Rey has licensed the English language manga rights, releasing the first volume on March 27, 2007. It won the 2008 Kodansha Manga Award for best children's manga.

Shugo Chara! has also been adapted into a fifty-one episode anime television series of the same title produced by Satelight under the direction of Kenji Yasuda and debuted on October 6, 2007 on TV Tokyo. On July 20, 2008, Anime News Network reported that the Shugo Chara! anime would be continued for a second year under the title Shugo Chara!! Doki—, the first episode airing on October 10, 2008; the official anime website later announced an October 4, 2008 start date.

On October 3, 2009, Shugo Chara! began featuring another series. The new program, Shugo Chara Party! containing Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Doki and Shugo Chara Pucchi Puchi! follow the current anime series as its power-up. The last episode aired on March 26, 2010
Another Story:Amu Hinamori is a student at Seiyo Elementary, where she has a reputation for being "cool and spicy"; however, her real personality is that of an extremely shy and easily intimidated girl. One night Amu makes a wish that she would have the courage to be reborn as her "would-be" self. The next morning Amu finds three brightly colored eggs—red, blue, and green—in her bed. Each egg eventually hatches into a Guardian Character: Ran, Miki, and Su. Guardian Characters are angel-like beings that aid a person into becoming their "would-be" selves and fulfill the person's dreams. The Guardian Characters accomplish this by giving encouragement and advice, but they can also temporarily change a person's personality and abilities. With the Guardian Characters, Amu's life becomes much more complex as she now struggles to deal with her new personalities and the Seiyo Elementary Guardians—a student council group where each member has their own Guardian Character—who recruits Amu to search for and seal the X eggs and X Characters, corrupted forms of people's dreams.
Anthore:The main character of the story Amu Hinamori, is a student at Seiyo Elementary.[3] At first glance, her classmates refer to her as "cool and spicy" and rumors speculate about her personal life. However, her real personality is that of a very shy girl who has trouble showing her true personality. One night, Amu wishes for the courage to show her "would-be" self, and the next morning finds three brightly colored eggs — hot-pink, blue, and green — in her bed. At first, she is alarmed, but realizes she must have really wished to change. As the story goes on, Amu finds that she has Four Guardian eggs which hatch into Four Guardian Characters: Miki, Ran, Su and Dia. The Guardian Characters aid Amu in discovering who she truly is and help fulfill Amu's dreams. The guardian characters represent her dream. Amu's life becomes much more complex as she struggles to deal with her "would-be selves" and the Seiyo Elementary's Guardians, who each have a Guardian Character of their own. Later on, they recruit Amu as the "Joker" to search for X Eggs and X Characters, the corrupted forms of people's dreams, so the Guardians can purify their dreams.

Meanwhile, the Easter Company is extracting people's eggs in search of a special egg called the Embryo. The Embryo is believed to grant any wish to the one who possesses it. However, the process creates X Eggs and X Characters.

Guardians are a group of students chosen as a collective to provide safety and protection to the students of Seiyo Academy. The members are divided as "King's Chair" - the leader position, "Queen's Chair", "Jack's Chair", and "Ace's Chair". Each member has a Guardian Character that gives them magical powers in times of need.

The fifth position - "Joker's Chair" - is a special title that has only been given to one person: Amu Hinamori. This was due to her ability to channel the power of Humpty Lock, a mystical artifact with very special powers that strengthen the Guardians's power.

Aside from providing safety to the students, their jobs involve correcting special paperwork, tending to gardens and giving out important information. However, their true responsibilities are to protect and nurture the dreams and hopes of other people, as well as protect their Heart's Eggs from corruption.

This group was first invented by Tsukasa Amakawa, also known as the founding King.
Characters: Amu Hinamori Amu Hinamori ( Hinamori Amu) is a character in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!, and the main protagonist of the story Amu has short, smooth pink hair and golden-brown eyes. She has a "gothic" way of dressing, and usually has X-shaped clips Everyone at Seiyo Academy thinks Amu is "cool and spicy", but actually she is shy and uncertain. She does not know her true self very well, but she appears to be rather determined when it comes to helping others. But as Dia indicates, she needs to know herself better in order to be able to do any good at all. Amu is quite stubborn, doing what she has always intended to do and focuses on it.Amu Hinamori grew up with a tough outside character and everyone in school addresses her as "Cool and Spicy", but deep down she is extremely shy and timid. One of the reasons that she has this image is because her mother dresses her in punk and cool clothing. Since she has a stubborn character, fans call Amu a tsundere, but is properly classified as a kuudere.

The Shugo Chara! Encyclopedia! describes Amu as a girl with a "cool and spicy" attitude that people admire, but asks "what's she really like"?

One night, she became tired of everybody viewing her outside character and made a wish to be someone other than herself. The next morning, she finds three odd looking eggs on her bed. The eggs hatch one after another and give birth to her Guardian Characters, Ran, Miki, and Suu; later, a fourth Guardian Character named Dia.

When Tadase Hotori, the King's Chair of the Guardians of Seiyo Academy, discovers her eggs, he invites her into their team and gives her the title "Joker". Though she doesn't want to join the team at first, she eventually gives in after realizing how serious the situation is. As the person with three Guardian Characters, Amu is given the Humpty Lock with mystical powers and so receives the ability to Character Transform.

In the second season of the anime, she begins to develop her own character and also increases her own powers. The most direct example of this is the new items & skills of the three Amulet Character Transformations. Also, though she can't see it very well, those around her notice that she has changed.

In the third season of the anime, Amu mentors and make Hikaru Ichinomiya and Rikka Hiiragi GuardiaGuardian Apprentices so that they can become the next Guardians after Tadase, Rima, Nagihiko and herself leave for Middle School. Amu has pink hair and golden eyes. She often has red "x" hair clips attached to her hair. Sometimes she wears other colored pins, such as blue, green, white or black. She wears gothic (or rather, "cool") outfits, so everyone in school views her as the "Cool & Spicy" type Guardian Characters:Unlike normal children, who usually have only one guardian character (or, on some cases, two), Amu is gifted with three, and eventually, a fourth one is born. Their theme centers around the four suits in a card deck : heart, spade, clover, and diamond. Amu Can Transform To Four Main Characters Amulet Heart:Amu can transform with Ran to become Amulet Heart, harnessing more powerful athletic abilities, and the desire to be more energetic and honest. Amu first becomes Amulet Heart in Chapter 5 of the manga and Episode 1 of the anime.Appearance:Amu wears her hair in a side ponytail, much as Ran does and has a cheerleader's outfit, including a pleated skirt, a pink top and leg warmers over her shoes, all with heart-shaped accessories. She has a ribbon tied around her neck and one around her skirt. The Humpty Lock shines with pink light. Abilities:
As an athletic character, Amulet Heart's powers are mostly useful in combat.

In this form, she is able to jump to an incredible limit of heights and lengths. She uses pom-poms to act as shields or to deflect attacks, while her Heart Rod (??? ???) is her main weapon. With it, she can perform the Spiral Heart and Spiral Heart Special techniques, sprinkle a paralyzing pink energy over the target, and throw it like a boomerang.

In Episode 26, Kukai taught Amu a new move: Kukai-style...Golden Victory Shoot!.

In Chapter 31 and Episode 80, Amulet Heart and Platinum Royale combine powers to use a special technique called Platinum Heart

In Episode 56 of the anime, Amulet Heart receives a pair of roller skates called Heart Speeders , which gives her the ability to fly.

In Episode 113 of the anime, she generates a distraction maneuver called Pom-pom Pom Special to produce sparkling stars from her cheerleading pom-poms to distract a crow from taking away Rikka's necklace.
............................................................................................................................................... Amulet Spade:Amu's transformation with Miki is Amulet Spade , focusing with more artistic abilities, and the desire to be level-headed and creative. This first occurs in Chapter 9 of the manga and Episode 6 of the anime. Appearance:
As Amulet Spade, she wears a blue costume which consists of a light blue blouse with frilly sleeves and a ribbon at the back. She wears brown boots, dark blue shorts, and striped stockings. Like Miki, most of her hair is inside an identical light blue cap with a Spade decoration. The Humpty Lock shines with blue light. Abilities:Amulet Spade's abilities are centered around art and creativity, and are used in immobilizing the opponent and neutralizing attacks.

Amu wields a gigantic blue paintbrush to unleash the Colorful Canvas and Colorful Canvas Special techniques, where a flood of multi-colored paint leaves the opponent immobilized. This technique is sometimes used in combination with Platinum Royale's White Decoration.

Instead of a painting brush, she utilizes a conductor's baton in the shape of a treble clef as a weapon in the second season. She uses Prism Music, an attack that sends multicolored notes to neutralize hypnosis and offensively.
........................................................................................................................................................ Amulet Clover:Amu becomes Amulet Clover when she Character Transforms with Su to use her cooking abilities and represents her desire to be more domestic and a sweet-hearted character. Appearance:In the image of a maid/housekeeper, Amu wears a maid outfit, consisting of a large, green balloon dress she wears in combination with an apron.

A lot of bows are observed in this Character Transformation. She also wears light green glovesand the same kind of headdress Suu wears.She's also given ponytails that go behind her maid's headdress. The Humpty Lock shines with green light.Amu first becomes "Amulet Clover" in Episode 10 of the anime and Chapter 13 of the manga.

Abilities:Since Amulet Clover's powers are domestic, she is mostly useful in defense and regeneration. She can also use this character's power to create food.
Amulet Clover can use a whisk for the attack "Remake Honey" to restore broken objects and purify X-Eggs. Later, they can also use an attack called "Remake Honey Special". On one occasion, she uses a harmless technique called "Sweet Applique" to create flowers and ribbons on Kairi's weapon. She is also able to generate a pan for defense.

In the second season, "Amulet Clover" utilizes a bubble wand. She uses it for "Honey Bubbles", which sends out a storm of bubbles to push off a horde of people and to clear off enemies' attacks. She later uses a bowl to absorb her opponent's attack and pepper to make her opponent sneeze.
........................................................................................................................................................ Amulet Diamond:Amu becomes "Amulet Dia" when she Character Transforms with shining idol Dia.

Amulet Dia represents the desire to be radiant and adored, and also to face her problems with a smile. She rarely takes this form unless on special occasions in which this form is required, as this form is considered to be the most powerful out of all four Character Transformations.
Appearance:In this form, Amu wears a pair of ponytails and a futuristic headphone with a pair of double diamonds attached it. Her outfit is a futuristic yellow idol skirt. A yellow ribbon is attached to the back of her neck with straps that go down to her waist. She wears yellow boots that come up to her inner thighs. The Humpty Lock glitters with yellow light.

Amu first becomes Amulet Dia in Episode 43 of the anime and Chapter 26 of the manga.

Abilities:As a character with an intense shine, Amulet Dia's powers are mostly associated with stars and light. Due to Dia's power, this Character Transformation is used in case of absolute emergency.

She can use a small globe to harness a starry attack called "Starlight Navigation". In Chapter 38 of the manga, she uses two new attacks: "Twinkle Shield" and "Shooting Star Shower". In season three, Amu utilizes a new attack in this form called "Twinkle Hold", which has the power to capture (and supposedly cleanse) X-Eggs in a form of a sparkling sphere; and later uses "Open Heart" with Pure Feeling to purify them.

This form gives her flying abilities.

In Chapter 45, she uses her powers to open a Road of Stars that allows her to travel through time and space.
Amulet Angel:Amu can become Amulet Angel when she transforms with Utau's angelic Guardian Character, El. Amu represents the desire to make love come true and to be more innocent. Also, Amulet Angel never gets a full transformation. Appearance:Amu can become Amulet Angel when she transforms with Utau's angelic Guardian Character, El. Amu represents the desire to make love come true and to be more innocent. Also, Amulet Angel never gets a full transformation.

In this form, Amulet Angel wears a long pink gown with white frills and a red ribbon tied around her chest. She also has a pair of tiny ponytails with winged hairclips on them. Her shoes look like red ballerina shoes with a red bow tied around her ankle. She also has (possibly fake) wings attached to her back. The Humpty Lock shines with white light.

One funny fact about this transformation is that El can perform the transformation without Amu's permission.

Amu first becomes "Amulet Angel" in Episode 29 of the anime and Chapter 18 of the manga.
Abilities:"Amulet Angel's" only useful moves are "White Flag", "White Flag Double Plan", and "Angel Wink". (Even though her abilities are reduced by not being with her own owner, Utau.) By being super-cute and innocent, she can attract alot of boys.

In Episode 35 of the anime, Amulet Angel once attempted to use a power named "Love Repair Beam" to restore two lovers' passion, but failed because the passion was never gone to begin with.

Despite being an angel, she does not seem to possess any flying abilities, since her wings are too small or possibly cannot carry Amu's weight

........................................................................................................................................................ Amulet Devil:Amu can become "Amulet Devil" when she Character Transforms with Utau's devilish Guardian Character, Il. Amu represents the rough and tumble character and the desire to be more immature. Appearance:She receives a black beanie with bat wings attached to it, a red bat-formed top, a lap with a devil's tail, and a pair of black and white stockings. She also wears black boots. The Humpty Lock glitters with red light.

One funny thing about this transformation is that Il can perform it without Amu's permission. This is also the only lone character transformation by Amu that doesn't have an episode named after it.

Amu first becomes "Amulet Devil" in Episode 42 of the anime and Chapter 25 of the manga.
Abilities:Amulet Devil can use an electric guitar to generate an attack called "Devil's Tune". It has the power to send out strong soundwaves towards the enemy and repress lesser powerful attacks.
Amulet Fortune:Amu Character Transforms into "Amulet Fortune" with all four of her Guardian Characters when she completely opens her heart to Ikuto, causing the two of them to transform together. While Amu becomes "Amulet Fortune", Ikuto also becomes "Seven Seas Treasure" with Yoru. Amulet Fortune represents the girl with four kinds of hearts, the four-leaf clover, representing true love in the language of flowers.

Amu first becomes Amulet Fortune in Episode 100 of the anime and Chapter 38 of the manga
Appearance:In this form, Amu wears a pure white bridal gown with a tan and rainbow colored bow on the top and frills, pure white opera gloves, and a bridal veil on her head. On top of the veil is a bow and a jeweled flower brooch with the gems representing the colors of Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia. The Humpty Lock glitters with a multi-color light. Abilities:As a character of true love, her powers are rather touching to the heart, which is a little bit like Amulet Clover's domestic skills.

In the manga, Amulet Fortune can give off a wave of good feelings for her healing ability "Open Heart Full Volume", while in the anime, she can only use an upgraded "Open Heart", allowing X-Eggs to be cleansed and those affected by despair to feel warmth and love.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi:is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series Shugo Chara!. Ikuto is a teenage boy contracted by Easter to find the Embryo. He often helps Amu Hinamori even though he works for the Easter Company. Ikuto actually despises Easter and tries to wrench himself free from them by trying to find the Embryo to grant his own wish. By chapter 43, he had left Easter Company in search of his father. In the third season of the anime, he is already traveling the world to search for his father and therefore is absent from the series.

He is in possession of the Dumpty Key. It pairs with Amu's Humpty Lock, which comes together in chapter 36/37.

Like his father, Ikuto is a skilled violinist. His mother, upon marrying someone else after they found her husband's violin in a foreign country and believing that he would not come back, bound her children into working for Easter.

Ikuto is in love with Amu Hinamori, confessing it in chapters 28 and saying it in 43 of the manga. He also kissed her on the cheek before taking off in chapter 43. He confessed to her in the anime the same time Tadase did, but Amu thought it was a joke.

In Chapter 28, Ikuto told Amu to grow up faster because he wanted Amu to catch up to him.

In the anime, after he leaves Japan to search for his father, Ikuto keeps in touch with Amu, Utau and Tadase.

Ikuto's voice actor in the anime is Yuuichi Nakamura
Appearance:Ikuto has blue hair and eyes. He is taller than Amu Hinamori and Tadase Hotori.

He wears a choker with a silver cross. He is most often seen in his black school uniform, but he has been seen in other black (or indigo) outfits.Personality:Ikuto is enigmatic, aloof, stoic and a little naughty, much like an alley cat. He can also be sweet and kind. He likes teasing people, especially Amu and Tadase. Ikuto is selfless and protective, thus, he is willing to distance himself from those he cares in order to protect them and stop them from getting embroiled in his own troubles. This explains why he kept himself away from Utau after she allies with the Guardians. Another example of this is when he makes fun of Tadase so that he'd be hurt and make Amu hate him, so ultimately they [Amu and Tadase] would not meddle with his troubles with Easter (especially Amu).

Although Ikuto may seem to have a passive personality, he is quite perceptive and honest.

As for chapter 43, Amu states that Ikuto "loves music... and his dad".
Guardian Character: Yoru His Guardian Character is the mischievous Yoru, who is created from his desire to become free as a stray cat. Powers: During a character change, Ikuto gains a pair of cat ears and a tail, and is bestowed with reflexes and moves that only come from a cat. He can also form virtual cat claws from his hands, created to form the attack Phantom Claw, something he cannot do during Character Transformation.

Black Lynx:Ikuto can Character Transform with Yoru into Black Lynx This represents his desire to be as free as a stray cat. Black Lynx first appears in Chapter 7 of the manga and Episode 13 of the anime, where he "saves" Amu from an X Egg only to break it. Appearance:When transformed, Ikuto grows cat ears and a cat tail and wears a short navy top with long navy pants. He also wears a glove on his right hand with metal claws. Abilities:Ikuto gains increased cat-like reflexes and senses. He can use his gloves' sharp claws to utilize an attack called Slash Claw ........................

Death Rebel:A plan executed by Kazuomi Hoshina involved using Ikuto's X Egg energy influenced violin to control him. The result was Ikuto having been manipulated to become Death Rebel This represents the trauma and darkness he holds in his heart. After each transformation is undone, Ikuto has no memory of his actions as Death Rebel. He first becomes Death Rebel in Chapter 31 of the manga and Episode 75 of the anime.Appearance:
In this form, Ikuto grows cat ears and wears a black suit and a black tie. He also sports an armband on his left arm, similar to the armband Amu wears with her school uniform. Abilities:In this form, he is able to play the violin to take hearts' eggs and create material projections. His violin can turn into a Death Scythe, with which he attacks using Dark Night Storm In the anime, he can also use an attack to take away a person's energy.............................................
: Seven Seas Treasure:In Chapter 38 of the manga and Episode 100 of the anime, Amu completely opens her heart to embrace Ikuto, causing the two of them transform together with infused power from Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key. While Amu becomes Amulet Fortune, Ikuto becomes the pirate Seven Seas Treasure with Guardian Character Yoru; a pirate which represents his freedom to do what he wants. This is only a temporary transformation Appearance:In this form, he wears a blue pirate outfit and an eyepatch, but keeps his cat ears. On the hat is a skull and crossbone symbol with a cat's head replacing the skull. Abilities:Ikuto has a pirate sword for the attack Emerald Line an attack to slash apart objects with sharp energy. He is also highly athletic..................................................................................................................................................................................................

Tadase Hotori:Tadase Hotori , Hotori Tadase is a main character of Shugo Chara!. He is the leader of the Guardians, also known as the "King's Chair". He is in the same year as Amu Hinamori, and is another main character of the series. His dream is to be the king of his small world. Kiseki was born by Tadase's dream to have a strong-willed heart, much like his grandmother when she was still healthy. He only wants to protect the ones he loves. Appearance:Tadase has short blond hair with a thin ahoge. He has two bunches of hair at the side of his face and one single strand of hair that seems to protrude a bit. He has big,red-violet, almost mahogany,colored eyes. Tadase's cute form and face constantly attract girls and confessions to him. For example, Amu confessed to him in the first episode of Shugo Chara!, but he said there was already someone he liked. However, Tadase was only referring to his dog, Betty. ]Personality:Tadase is timid and shy, even though he acts confident around others. Tadase is very kind as Kiseki points out that kindness is his strength before they Character Transform in Platinum Royale for the first time. The Shugo Chara! Encyclopedia! describes Tadase as a boy who is "kind and slightly shy", it also comments he's "totally popular with the girls". An example of this is that he has a fan club, the Tadase Fan Club, comprised of five members, the leader being Saaya Yamabuki, who is in love with Tadase. At first throughout the series we see that he often stays very calm in many situations, but as you progress, we see more of the inside character that is Tadase and he is actually very expressive of his emotions. Guardian Character:Kiseki Tadase's Guardian Character is Kiseki, who was born from his desire to become stronger and the dream of world domination. Also, Kiseki acts as if he is the leader amongst all the Guardian Characters. It's a running gag for the other Guardian Characters to ignore him. Kiseki has light purple hair and blue eyes. He has been described as "a mini-Tadase" by Amu. He wears a king's outfit with puffy dark blue pants with white strpies, and a long red cape with a yellow crown. His outfit is like the King of France or whatever the royal king wore in the French Revolution Character Change:
Whenever someone says the word "prince" ("ouji" in Japanese) in his presence, he will immediately Character Change into a confident and egotistical king who seeks to dominate the world. This provoked Character Change doesn't last long. However, it can be stopped when someone puts a bucket over his head. Rima actually put a bucket on Tadase when he character changed cause Yamabuki Saaya said ouji (prince) because she saw the prince from another country (this episode is the time when the prince from another place came to their school.)

During Character Change, he receives a crown and a golden staff that enables him to use a technique called "Holy Crown" ,to protect him and others from danger, as well as trap his opponents.
Character Transformation: Platinum Royale With the help of the Humpty Lock and Amu's encouragement, Tadase can merge with Kiseki and Character Transform into "Platinum Royale".This represents his desire to be more confident and to be a strong king Appearance: In this form, Tadase wears an all white suit similar to a French King with ribbons and frills. He also gains a noble crown and a golden staff. Tadase first becomes "Platinum Royale" in Episode 39 of the anime and Chapter 22 of the manga when Amu encourages him to embrace his flaws and remember how Kiseki was born. Abilities:As "Platinum Royale", he is able to perform two new attacks called "White Decoration", "Holy Crown Special", and use his old technique "Holy Crown" in defensive and offensive manners. He later gains a sword during the Rescue Mission for Ikuto and later uses it for the attack "Holy Saber". On one occasion in Chapter 31 and Episode 80 , he combines his powers with Amulet Heart's to perform a cleansing technique called "Platinum Heart", showing a strong bond between Amu and Tadase Yaya Yuiki:Yaya Yuiki , Yuiki Yaya is the childish girl serving as the Ace's Chair and is one year junior to Amu. Yaya often acts immature for her age, such as having an enormous sweet tooth, a great soft spot for items like ribbons as well as tending to be hyperactive. Yaya wants to be a baby forever so her parents would give her more love than her younger brother. She is also a good ballerina, but also a rather clumsy one. Yaya's favorite things are cute and babyish. Appearance:Yaya wears her hair in pigtails with big red ribbons attached to her hair. Her eyes are brown and her hair is orange/brown. Like the other female Guardians, she wears a red cape at school. Guardian Character: Her Guardian Character is the infant-like Pepe, born from her desire to become a baby again. Pepe has darkish orange hair in two ponytails like Yaya and light blue eyes. Pepe wears a pink baby outfit with a white bib and a pink and white hat with bunny ears and a red ribbon on the side. Pepe always has a yellow pacifier in her mouth. Character Change:Yaya gets a baby bib and a rattle as primary weapon, which can grow to massive size and can be used to perform "Giant Rattle Attack". The attack often ends up failing. In a later episode, she receives a bottle used to perform the "Milk Beam, Strawberry Flavor" attack. Coincidentally, both Yaya and Pepe become very immature during the change. To Character Change, Pepe says "Cutie, Sweetie, Love Baby!"
Character Transformation:During Character Transformation with Pepe, she becomes "Dear Baby". This represents her desire to be babyish and get attentionOutfit:Her outfit becomes almost identical to Pepe's, including the bunny hat. She also wears slippers.

Yaya first becomes "Dear Baby" in Episode 41 of the anime and Chapter 24 of the manga.
Abilities:Her special moves are "Merry! Merry!", which renders her target into deep slumber, and "Let's Go! Go! Little Duckies", to call up an army of bathing ducks for assistance.

In the manga, she improvises on her attacks in Chapters 35 and 36 and in the anime of Episode 99 Yaya uses "Merry Merry Double Block" to distract a black dog with two baby mobiles. Then, she uses the command "Duckies Scramble, Go Go" to form a shield of bathing ducks to block the black dog. She later uses "Ducky Dash" to make her ducks all attack the black dog at once, however, that resulted in provoking it. Yaya then uses Duckies Scrum Go Go!! Finally, Yaya uses ""Black Duckies, Go, Go" to turn her cute ducks into seductive ones and attract the black dog, which works.

................................................................................................................................................ Rima Mashiro:Rima Mashiro (????, Mashiro Rima) replaces Nadeshiko Fujisaki as the new "Queen's Chair" of the Guardians. She is a character in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!, and one of the main protagonists of the story.Although Rima is the same age as Amu, she is extremely petite, cold, and has relatively poor athletic ability. Most of the boys in her class admire her because of her beauty and passive personality, while the girls are annoyed by her because of her arrogance. She "fake-cried" when she knew that Nadeshiko was Amu's best friend, though Nagihiko is the only one who can see right through it. Some call her "The Goddess of Comedy".

After seeing how Amu worked hard to cleanse X-Eggs, she began to join in with athletic activities. Slowly, she develops a close relationship with the Guardians. She was nearly kidnapped once, and because of that her parents always worry and take her home everyday after school.
Appearance :Rima has wavy dark blond hair, with long bangs hidden behind a thin black hair-band with a small ribbon in the middle attached to it, and golden-honey yellow eyes. Her hair is so long that it goes down to her waist. Her cute appearance somehow resembles that of an elegant English lady, and attracts many boys in her class. At first, all the girls hate her because she is attracting almost all the cute boys in class. Then, a sports event comes and Rima is forced to play sports by the other girls. With Rima's help, Amu's team winsVoice Actress In the anime television series, Rima is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi. Hobbies: Rima has been seen several times watching comedy, which she and Kusukusu watch and laugh about often. She also often makes silly faces (or used to) to make her mom and dad laugh. When people do gags (such as Bala-Balance) she gets extremely angry and corrects them. She also makes sarcastic comments when not exactly nessecary. She is constantly checking her cell phone to call for servants. Guardian Character: Rima's Guardian Character is the comedic Kusukusu, who is born from her desire to make others laugh.

Whenever Rima feels sad, she would make funny faces to cheer her up. Like Rima, they share a passion for making perfect funny performance to make others laugh.
Character Change: When Rima undergoes a Character Change, she will receive green facepaint under each eye, the left is the shape of a star, the right in the shape of a teardrop and does the Bala-Balance. By then, she will act like a clown and make funny performances. Her Character Change can be easily triggered when someone makes an imperfect comedic move, and she aggressively confronts them, telling them how to make it what it requires to be perfect and funny Character Transformation:[pruple]Clown Drop Character Transformation, Rima merges with Kusukusu and becomes "Clown Drop". This represents her desire to be as funny as a clown. Rima has been able to Character Transform into "Clown Drop" since before she appeared in Shugo Chara!. She first reveals her Character Transformation in Episode 28 of the anime and Chapter 16 of the manga. Appearance:[pruple]Rima's outfit becomes similar to that of a rodeo clown's. Her ribbon becomes a large red bow.
......................................................................................................................................................... Kukai Souma:Kukai Souma (Souma Kukai), is the upbeat and energetic former "Jack's Chair" of the Guardians. He participated in their activities and missions until he graduated, though he kept in touch and continued to be of assistance whenever possible. Kukai is the third Guardian, after Amu and Rima, to gain the power of Character Transformation.Voice By:Andrew Love,Byeon Hyeon Wu,Mun Nam Suk(Child) One year senior to Amu Hinamori, Kukai helps Amu with her training as the Joker. Although he was the captain of the soccer club, Kukai loves and excels at all sports. At the end of the school year, Kukai graduates and goes on to middle school. However, Kukai returns to visit the Guardians now and then to assist them.

During his time in Seiyo Academy, he is close friends with Tadase Hotori and carries the responsibility of training Amu.

As a sporty kid, he has an outgoing personality, and also a sense of justice. He is very competitive and sometimes competes with Amu and Nadeshiko. He is very into sports, and one time, when he begins experiencing romantic feelings, and Eru says that it's his first love, Daichi comments that it's because he hasn't ever focused on anything besides sports before, and that he's actually surprised with this.

Kukai is also possibly superstitious, since he has been seen giving Utau "good luck charms," by slightly punching her head.

He would visit the Guardians sometimes and help out in battle. His special attack is "Golden Victory Shoot," and he taught Amu it but however, turns out to be a disaster
Appearance: Kukai has brown hair and green eyes. He also has pierced both ears.
He is usually in his school uniform (with Royal Cape), but will occasionally wear other outfits
Guardian Character:Daichi Kukai's Guardian Character is Daichi, born from his passion for sports, but was indecisive to choose one to stick with. He appears to be best friends with Rhythm. Ran and Daichi have somewhat of a close relationship, both being Guardian Characters of sports. In episode 91, Ran and Daichi were on the same team playing basketball against the other Guardian Characters (Su, Kiseki etc.)
Character Change:During Character Change, Kukai receives a star-shaped hairclip and becomes more athletic. He can use all kinds of sports items, as long as it keeps him going.
He also receives a skateboard or a snowboard; depending on the terrain he is on.
Character Transformation:Sky Jack
Sky Jack (Trump Card)

Thanks to the Humpty Lock, Kukai and Daichi are able to perform a Character Transformation during the beginning of spring term, becoming "Sky Jack". This represents his desire to play many sports.

Kukai first becomes "Sky Jack" in Episode 29 of the anime and chapter 18 of the manga.
Appearance:As Sky Jack, he wears the green outfit of a pilot with pilot goggles with a star on his left of the pilot headband. He also wears black boots. Abilities:Sky Jack's special attack is "Golden Victory Shoot", using a fiery golden soccer ball to take down his target. He is also highly energetic and athletic, much like his Character change state and Amulet Heart.

Sky Jack rides on a snowboard that gives him flying qualities.

........................................................................................................................................................ Nagihiko Fujisaki:Nagihiko Fujisaki , Fujisaki Nagihiko) is a character in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!, the male ego of "Nadeshiko Fujisaki", and one of the main protagonists of the story. His seiyuu is Saeko Chiba. In Episode 25 of the anime, Nadeshiko is revealed to be a boy named Nagihiko. It is a tradition in the Fujisaki family for the males to be raised as females as part of their training so that they may play female roles in Japanese dances.

Nagihiko reveals himself as Nadeshiko's "twin brother" to Amu. He then has trouble telling Amu the real truth about him and his "twin sister". The only people who know Nagihiko's secret (besides his family) are Rhythm, Temari, Kukai, Daichi, Tadase, Kiseki, Dia, Tsukasa Amakawa, Rima, Kusukusu, and Amu (manga).

After Kairi Sanjo left, he returns in Episode 56 of the anime. He uses his true identity and becomes appointed as the new Jack's Chair.

In the 4th chapter of Shugo Chara Party, with some encouragement from Rima, he hurriedly whispers to Amu that he is Nadeshiko, shocking Amu while she catches the bouquet. Amu then falls into a trance-like state and almost passes out from shock, as Temari had predicted a few chapters earlier.
Appearance:Nagihiko has long, flowing indigo hair that's tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon with sakura flower ends when he goes into 'Nadeshiko mode'. When he goes around as himself as a boy, he lets his hair loose. As Nadeshiko, he was one of the tallest female characters. When he is himself, he wears the blue Royal Cape, while as Nadeshiko wears the red Royal Cape. He has also seen wearing sportswear, when he is himself, and traditional Kimonos when practicing dancing in his "Nadeshiko Mode". Hobbies:Nagihiko has not been actually seen dancing in his "boy" form, but as Nadeshiko, he often does Japanese dancing, and has (according to his mother) almost mastered the art. In Shugo Chara Encore 2, however, he is actually seen dancing in his "boy" form, with some of his hair tied up to one side.

Nagihiko also likes to play basketball and other sports. When he was young he was depressed because he had to act like a girl and he was not supposed to jump high.
Guardian Characters Temari Nadeshiko's first Guardian Character is the elegant, yet fierce-tempered Temari. Prior to Nadeshiko's return from Europe, she went back to her egg to slumber for a long period of time. During the final confrontation against Easter, her owner is reminded of all the problems of being a girl and his passion for dancing. When he is able to overcome those problems, Temari is finally able to reawaken from her sleep. Later during Episode 109, Amu sees a poster with Nadeshiko on it, so she goes to the spot where Nadeshiko is planning to perform. Then, Nadehiko runs to the dressing room and switches to become Nadeshiko and Rhythm switches with Temari. Rima make them swicth contless times in Episode 109 When Nagihiko undergoes a Character Change with Temari, he gains cherry blossom-shaped hairclips in her ribbon and becomes more aggressive, speaks in Hiroshima slang, and attacks with a naginata. This Character Change can activate by itself when something goes wrong in Nagihiko's house or stage. This Character Change represents Nagihiko's frustration on acting like a girl. Anthore One Rhythm While Nagihiko was in Europe, he dropped the confidence of dancing like a girl and Temari was forced back into her egg, at the same time, Rhythm's egg was born, which he later brings with him back to Japan. When Nagihiko remembers how much he loves basketball in his own rhythm, it hatches into the cool and outgoing, Rhythm. Although Rhythm makes Nagihiko do some embarrassing things, Nagihiko still loves him.In episode 92 Nagihiko is seen hiding from the sports teams with Amu Rythm Chara Changes with him and he shouts "I'll join the team of whoever cann cacth me before i exit the school building" He then makes him pick up Amu and jump out the near by window. In the anime, when Nagihiko Character Changes with Rhythm, he gets blue headphones around his neck as an aspect to this change and becomes more sporty and outgoing. But it also makes him fall way over his head. He can also be quite the flirt. This Character Change has the desire to play all kinds of sports, for example: basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, judo, etc. Because of this, he is late at the tea party at the royal garden (Which is something that he never did), so Nagihiko decides not to trigger this Character Change again. This Character Change represents Nagihiko's desire to be a boy. Character Transformations: Beat Jumper When Nagihiko Character Transforms with Rhythm, he becomes an outgoing and athletic character called "Beat Jumper"; a character who is capable of sports and basketball playing. This represents his love for basketball at his own pace.Appearance:As Beat Jumper, Nagihiko wears a blue vest over two shirts: one white and short sleeved, one purple and long sleeved. On his head is a beanie with two small, blue wings, blue fingerless gloves are on his hands and around his neck are black headphones. He wears blue cargo pants, knee pads, and black knee-high converse with blue wings on them. Abilities:His special attack is "Beat Dunk". In the manga, he only utilizes it with a basketball to shoot a hoop, while in the anime, he can use a basketball or create an energy-ball for the attack, which expands the power.

Another attack, revealed in Episode 93, is "Blaze Shoot". He forms a blue energy-ball to throw, which becomes a ball-like shape as it flies through the air and slices through a chain of X-Eggs.

The wings attached to his boots allow him to jump at an incredible height.
Anthore One:
Yamato Maihime When Nagihiko Character Transforms with Temari, Nagihiko becomes a graceful dancer called "Yamato Maihime". This represents his passion for Japanese dance. When Nagihiko character transforms with Temari, he uses his Nadeshiko personality, according to Episode 98. Abilities:"Yamato Maihime" can perform a combined attack with Clown Drop called "Queen's Waltz". In the anime, she gets two solo attacks "Robe of Feathers" and "Dance of the Cherry Blossoms".
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