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Transgender children
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Posted 9/15/12 , edited 9/15/12
No. I firmly belive that even if one is certain that they should be the opposite gender, their should be an age cap on it - Not doing such a thing could lead to parents pushing their kids into changing just for them, and other such things (Especially for cases like where the number of children in a household is limited)
at 18 (though 21 would be better imo), one has had some time to learn the world, and knows them self well enough to decide for certain. During highschool age, kids are still going through body changes, hormones raging, and may not be in such a sound mind to make these choices. With a life-changing event such as a gender-change, its important to be 100% certain.
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Posted 10/7/12 , edited 10/14/12

jtijerina41 wrote:

Lets get this out of the way i came out to my family as transgender just last year and they took it in the worst possible manner and we are currently still having trouble. One of my parents arguments is that i am simply going through a fad of some sort and that they raised a boy. Personally i have known that i was meant to be a women since elementary school so i know for a fact that as children we know exactly who we are just as we do as adults and even more so but i can see were many people disagree. well here is my question: What is your take on transgender children? should you allow the child to transition or make them wait and see if that is what they really want? the age group i am referring to is 6-13 years of age. i know this is an odd topic but humor me will ya.

OP, you are a brave person with courage that I wish I had, and by now you probably already know that this is something that you do for yourself. I have spent so much of my life in denial and ignoring my feelings and issues with my born gender that I deeply regret not figuring out this much sooner.

IMO, you're never too late to transition, and the earlier you start the better.

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Oh, puberty so sucked! I hated it!
Gender stereotypes-
Agreed, they suck, and I wish I could trust my own father to not take it as some sort of travesty and follow it with a murder-suicide unlike my mom who I feel I can trust with accepting me. Let alone, several of my neighbors and other family members. You're really lucky to have a father like that, you know. Despite hypocrisy.
Posted 10/25/12 , edited 10/25/12
Children who feel this way must truly feel that they are really in the wrong body, and the earlier they start, the better.

I've never had any issue about being a boy, even though I love doing girly things like makeup.

So I don't really understand that feeling and I doubt anyone else could understand it unless they've felt it themselves. It must be devastating to be born in the wrong body.
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