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Posted 7/5/12 , edited 7/5/12
Please read the rules before you do anything else in the group.

[ Members ]

1. No Profanity/Cursing.
Do not say any curse/bad/mean words to anyone in this group. Have respect for them. If you are angry with someone do not say it in this group, say it in private mail (PM) or GB posts.

2. Use the Graphics We Make.
Since we take our time to make your request as nice as possible, you should wear it at least a few days. It shows respect towards the work and effort of the moderator who made it and it makes us happy.

3. No Rushing.
Do not rush the moderators in making your request. Be patience, because they maybe are busy with school, or work, or maybe they are moderators in other groups. Also rushing can lead them to making your request messy and you don't want that now do you.

[ Moderators ]

1. Notice Us If You Can't Be Active Anymore.
If you are busy with school, or work or you’re on vacation, notice us so we don’t count on you. If not we will remove you from your position as moderator ( note : you can apply again for moderator if you want and you prove you are active again ).

2. Finish the Request in 1 week (max).
We know all of you are busy with school or work, but try to make at least one request in less than a week. If you took a request, but you can’t make it anymore notice us and someone else will take it instead. Or if you know that you are busy don't take the request.

3. Upload aviis/banners/profiles You Finished in The Photo Album.
After you have finished a request, upload it in the Photo Album.

Please try to obey these rules. Since I will not have time to hire/look for forum mods. I will be look over everything here. So please do not break these rule. If broken I will have to ban you for a week to a month. If you want to be a forum mod please feel free to contact me through PM. LOL.

Thank you for spending your time reading this.
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