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Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/21/08
If I told you
I would love you
Would you
Accept me
Or push me farter away

If I told you
That I was so happy
Would you care
Or would you just
Look at me
Whit no emitons in you

If I told you
That I had problems
Would you help
Me trough it all the way
Would you help me half and then
Let go
Would you just
Walk away

If I called you
And told you
That I would end my life today
Would you
Run to me and stop me
Would you
Talk me out of it
Would you lough
And tell me that it was a good one
That I could not do that
Cuse I was to scared

As you stand ther
In the cold wind
At the gray cold stone
Your holding a letter
In your hand
Whit those questions
I write them down
And I answeared them

I told you
I loved you of all my heart
You pushed me away
Farter from you

I told you
I was so happy
But you looked at me
Whit no fellings
In your face

I told you
I had problems
You help me
A littl bit
No a half
But just a littl
Then you let go of me
And let me fall into the darkness
Of my heart

I called you
And told you
I would end my life that day
But you just
Loughed and told me
That I would never
Make that

what a pity really
that you didnt see
those shadows
that held your heart
I tride
To take them away
But when I tride
I losed a littl bit

I see you ther
As I question the last one
That I didnt answear

Would you
Cry infront of my grave
Would you
Walk home before
You break down and cry
Would you lay a rose
On the cold freash
Or would you just
Walk away
And say that I was stupid

Later that night
On the letter
Words forms out of nothing
Under the last

You would walk away
Saying that
I was stupid
But as you close the door
You break down
And cry
As midnight arrives
You would walk
To the cold gray tombstone of mine
You lay a white rose
On the earth
Your sorry

As the moon shine down
On wher my
Grave is
It will shine on somthing more
A body lying ther
And on
The white rose
The red dropels
Of your blood
Will shine
Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/21/08
Woah! DEEP! Awesome poem!
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Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/23/08
i like it!
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26 / M / ♪♫♪...Music Plane...
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
That's cool!!!...Very Cool!!!...Congratulations
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