[2012~KDrama] My Love, Butterfly Lady / My Love, Madame Butterfly
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Title: 내 사랑 나비부인 / My Love, Madame Butterfly
Chinese Title: 我的愛蝴蝶夫人
Also known as: My Love, Butterfly Lady
Director: Lee Chang-min-I (Bride of the Sun~2011, Midas~2011, Giant~2010)
Writer: Moon Eun-ah (Smile, Dong-hae~2010, You Are My Destiny~2008, Ice Girl~2005)
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 50 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-06 to 2013-March-24
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:40


A drama about a former top actress Nam Na Vi (Yum Jung Ah) moves into her in-laws’ house and becomes part of their family. Kim Jung Wook (Kim Sung Soo) plays her tall dark and handsome husband. Lee Woo Jae (Park Yong Woo) plays a man who shows up in her life at just the right time and Yoon Seol Ah (Yoon Se Ah) plays her rival who is a shoe designer and also Lee Woo Jae’s ex-wife.

Main Cast

Yum Jung Ah as Nam Na Vi

Park Yong Woo as Lee Woo Jae

Kim Sung Soo as Kim Jung Wook

Yoon Se Ah as Yoon Seol Ah

Supporting Cast

Maisy Beans Restaurant family

Jang Yong as Kim Byung Ho
Kim Young Ae as Lee Jung Ae
Lee Bo Hee as Bae Shin Ja
Kim Jung Hyun as Kim Chan Ki
Cha Soo Yun as Mok Soo Jung
Kim Young Ok as Yoo Geum Dan
Jung Hye Sun as Nam Goong Maknae
Choi Min Sung as Kim Baek Gi
Kim Joon Hyung as Ri Gook Hee
Kim Ga Eun as Kim Sal Goo

Chairman Lee’s family

Kim Sung Kyum as Lee Sam Goo
Kim Il Woo as Lee Sung Ryong
Im Sung Min as Hong Mo Rang
Lee Dae Hyun as Lee Yoon

Other people

Lee Hee Jin as Yun Ji Yun


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Kim Sung-soo acts with Yeom Jeong-ah in 8 years

Actor Kim Sung-soo is acting with actress Yeom Jeong-ah for the fist time in 8 years in the new SBS drama "My Love, Butterfly Lady". He is starring in "My Love, Butterfly Lady" as Kim Jeong-wook, Nam Na-bi's husband.

Kim Jeong-wook is an elite with a handsome face from Berkley's but falsely marries Nam Na-bi to find the documents for his family's gravesite. Yeom Jeong-ah is likely to play the role of the wife. The two have starred in the 2004 MBC drama "Say You Love Me".

"My Love, Butterfly Lady" is about a woman named Nam Na-bi living with the in-laws without her husband, written by Moon Eun-ah and directed by Lee Chang-tae. To be aired for the first time on the 6th of October.


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Cha Soo-yeon is an English teacher in "My Love, Butterfly Lady"

Actress Cha Soo-yeon is coming back with a drama. She is joining the new SBS drama "My Love, Butterfly Lady" which is about a former top star getting married and going through various happenings with her in-laws realizing the meaning of family in the process. Cha Soo-yeon takes on the role of Mok Soo-jeong, a cheerful English teacher.

Mok Soo-jeong is one who has never had a proper relationship as she spent most of her time studying and has a motto to 'live life without fear as there is no forewarning of what's going to happen next' after she has cancer surgery. She expresses love to the fullest. She forms a love relationship with Kim Jeong-hyeon, Nam Na-bi's (Yeom Jeong-ah) sister-in-law and Kim Jeong-wook's (Kim Sung-soo) step brother.

Cha Soo-hyeon has been a mysterious character in all of her work so far such as movies "Helpless", "Yoga" and "After the Banquet" and dramas, "A Thousand Kisses", "Worlds Within" and more. This time she is a cheerful and bright character.

Cha revealed, "The overall image and feeling of the drama was very nice and I was attracted to the bright character".

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Cha Soo- Yeon sooo beautiful <3
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Park Yong-woo comes back with "My Love, Butterfly Lady"

Actor Park Yong-woo is coming back for the first time in 2 years with the new SBS weekend drama "My Love, Butterfly Lady". Park Yong-yoo is a second generation plutocrat called Lee Woo-jae who has never experienced failure in his life thanks to his amazing competitiveness. He is usually kind and caring to people in life. He meets Nam Na-bi (Yeom Jeong-ah) a former top STAR and slowly opens his heart towards her.

Meanwhile, "My Love, Butterfly Lady" is directed by Lee Chang-min-I. The cast includes, Park Yong-woo, Yeom Jeong-ah, Kim Sung-soo, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Yeong-ae and others.

New SBS weekend drama will be aired in October.

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