【Announcement!】New Gang of Ikebukuro~!
Posted 7/6/12 , edited 7/7/12

Drum roll, please~

We had so little submissions, we decided to pick the two we liked the most!
Thank you for your submissions...
(Even if there were only... A little less than a
few submissions ) Maybe, in the near future,
we will hold fun things like this again! (With hopefully more positions.)

Yes, I know the deadline was July 7th... But we had to make a small change because
of our schedule in real life.

Happy RPing! Thank you for participating!

What do you think about the new gangs, minna?
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F / WWM~
Posted 7/6/12 , edited 7/7/12
Allow me to lol at GoM because KUROBASU <3. I love the pictures for the Major Arcana.
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F / ⊰✿❀⊱
Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/10/12
I'm so joining these groups if I can
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