The Council's Threat

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Posted 7/8/12 , edited 8/12/12
We are now even more pissed with your decision to walk on our streets. You're asking for war. We're asking for peace. It's been twelve years since the New World Order and things are getting worse between us. Perhaps, it's time for another World Order. However, this time, we will only clear the land of the Rebels. We will give you, Rebels, three warnings. If these warnings are broken by you annoying us, then another World Order should take place. Not to mention, we also have better and greater weapons. What are they? You must find out yourself.

Your Enemies,

Due to the threat from the Council, the Rebels have taken more caution by adding in two more leaders and a left hand. They are beginning to prepare armor for their toughest warriors. However, they are unaware of what they are up against. The Rebels have a major decision to make. Prepare for war or prepare for death. The choice lies in the hands of your characters.

Newly Council Weapons

Warning; Rebels do NOT know about these weapons nor do average Loyals. They are surprise weapons. Only the Council, council family members, and the Army know.

Machine Dragons; Bigger then any skyscraper known to man. They fly around but are hidden in caves of the forest and underground around the Loyal City. Only the Council can control them. They are weak against acids, explosives, ect. They can't be in water for long or they will rust and fall apart.

Androids; human robots. They act like normal humans to fool the enemy. Almost impossible to tell the difference between an Android and Human.

illusionation; A newly developed disease that only a few know how to cure. You can catch the disease from a certain bomb or by being injected with a needle. Causes you to have illusionations you're hole life. You see things that other's don't. You can see a dead family member or even someone you care about dying. It can get so bad, that some kill themselves by accident.

Red Wasp; Dangerous wasp that hold the illusionations disease in their needle. If you are snug by them, you catch the disease. They live in the forest and sometimes in Rebel cities. They're a completely red color.

The above weapons are not used for random attacks on the Rebel City unless you have discussed it with me, Cherriuki. They are more for surprise war weapons for when the Rebels make an attack. It is believed that these weapons started godmodding rps. EVERY WEAPON, EVERY PERSON HAS A WEAKNESS. Council members are getting a little to over powered and I believe I'm at fault. These weapons are not to be used commonly. The machine dragons are used for defense not raids.

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