[#1]R U L E S
Posted 7/8/12 , edited 7/13/12


no god modding. [ its where you are undefeatable. &its really annoying ._. ]
side stories are allowed, but try to stick to the plot.
if you have any ideas to improve this group you can pm me(x
only 4 characters allowed per person. [ change of plans. your allowed to have 5 ]
you can ONLY be a angel or demon. [ though if you know me i might consider something else if its appropriate ]
respect one another&be nice.
if you dont like this group, then gtfo?
try to be active guys. like roleplay at least once a week. if your on hiatus or something pm me.
if you want a special position pm me. if i know you then just state it in the creation forum.
write in story format, and try to have good grammar.
swearing is allowed, try not to overdo it though.
If you want our group to support and affiliate your group, then pm the creator, aka MsDeathDefying. unless your a mod, then just go ahead and affiliate your group.
PG13+ in spolier.
if you've read this then put "zombies" in your character creations form "

i know this is alot. but respect the rules or you'll get blocked.

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