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Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
I don't usually comment in threads/forums or even when watching Anime. Although sometimes I do leave a comment here and there. Only because I am here to watch Anime really, and not particularly bothered commenting anyway. But anyway.

☆ Username: Minuet
☆ Age: 22
☆ Anime/Manga: Saiyuki, Black Lagoon, Naruto and more
☆ Dramas/Movies: Not many
☆ Music taste: Fusion of Heavy Metal, Jazz & Opera (Kind of like Symphonic Jazz Metal)
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Music, Songwriting, Playing Bass Guitar, Olympic Weightlifting, Professional Wrestling, Anime & Video Gaming
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
☆ Username: skipabeat23
☆ Age: 15
☆ Anime/Manga? GAH to many to list. But here are some I like. (SKET Dance, Hunter X Hunter, GTO, Slam Dunk, Beelzebub, Skip Beat, etcc)
☆ Dramas/Movies? I watched Pink Lipstick Drama, but that was it xD And I like any type of movies! 21 JUMP STREET WAS HILARIOUS XD
☆ Music taste? J-Rock/J-Metal, K-Pop/J-Pop, DDR Songs, Pop, Rock, ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS AWESOME TO ME!
☆ Other interests/hobbies: doodling, video games, working out, playing sports, dancing like a fool, sleeping, shopping
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25 / M / Denmark
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
☆ Username: Shaydx
☆ Age: 18
☆ Anime/Manga? Naruto, Bleach & Fairy Tail / Naruto, Bleach & Fairy Tail.
☆ Dramas/Movies? The Last Castle, Anonymous and lot's more! :)
☆ Music taste? All kind of music :)
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Soccer, Programming, Scriptning, Swimming!
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24 / M
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
Username: Zachman
Age: 17
Anime/Manga: Naruto, Shippuden, Gurren Lagann, Viewtiful Joe, Pokemon
Dramas/Movies: R rated comedy, slashers, and X
Music taste: 70's on, no Modern Rap, Hip Hop or Pop
Other interests/hobbies: Writing Adult Fiction(Pen Name: Splitter Love), Sleeping, Video Games, Gathering "Inspiration", Sadism

I think that sums me up, about as honest as I can be...Maybe too honest?
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21 / M / USA
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
Haven't been active the past few years here at CR, but that's only b/c of school. I've started to become more active here, though, since it's summer and all. And everyone loves summer. I know I do.

☆ Username: animeFTWin (Wish I can change the user, but w/e)
☆ Age: 14
☆ Anime/Manga?: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (the manga), Angel Beats!, Mawaru Penguindrum, Eden of the East, Steins;Gate, Baccano!
☆ Dramas/Movies?: Don't watch much movies/dramas. I did like The Avengers, though.
☆ Music taste?: American rock, J-pop and rock, K-pop.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Writing, video games, light novels, books, dancing, chatting online, comics.....
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Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12

☆ Username: ztype01
☆ Age: 23
☆ Anime/Manga? Currently watching Hunter x Hunter, Space Brothers, Kuroko no Basuke as well as most of the summer titles (don't know if i'm continuing with most of them since it's early in the season) Currently reading The World God only Knows and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Really like Mahou Shojo Magica Madoka, Steins;Gate, Slam Dunk, Kids on the Slope, Angel Beats (My taste are pretty well rounded)
☆ Dramas/Movies? Movies.. probably i have to say My Sassy Girl to be my all time favorite along with the usual Star Wars and LOTR movies. Dramas have to be Three Kingdoms. I love the history and story behind those great figures during those time in China
☆ Music taste? I was really into Hip Hop but not recently since there seems to be some sort of change in that genre in which i do not agree with. Right not I'm into Vocaloids lately >.<
☆ Other interests/hobbies I enjoy playing games, snowboarding, basketball.
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32 / M / Louisiana
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
☆ Username:Frodoizzle
☆ Age:25
☆ Anime/Manga?FairyTail, Gintama, Hunter x Hunter History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, DBZ, any Gundam, Wagnaria, Naruto, Bleach, and several others that do not come to mind. Most times I will just look down that list and pick a random one to watch, helps me to expand my genre of shows I watch so I do not just consistently watch the same type all the time.
☆ Dramas/Movies?Im not interested in any of CR.
☆ Music taste? I will listen to any type of music really, but my prefered is late 70's/ 80's music.
☆ Other interests/hobbies:Musician, games....I am not one to post stuff of write blogs or anything of the kind. I have written one review and made a few comments on shows. But after reading this thread, I felt compelled to write something. So If people read it kool if they do not kool. Peace
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
☆ Username: Marcel20
☆ Age: 29
☆ Anime/Manga: D Gray-Man
☆ Dramas/Movies:I really really like you and other K-drama.
☆ Music taste: Anything but country...recently Dub-step and Classical.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Love working out, playing the piano, Japanese culture, meeting new people, Sci-Fi
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23 / M / California
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: Ptranoioi
☆ Age: 16, Almost 17
☆ Anime/Manga? Um I'm watching a lot of the summer titles...and some manga that im reading are akame ga kiru! and the Breaker: new Waves. There are a lot more to these but I'm too lazy to write them.
☆ Dramas/Movies?Not a big fan of dramas but occasionally when my friends want me to watch one. For movies..idk a lot of random ones.
☆ Music taste? Trance, Nightcore, Radio Music i guess, and some k pop....
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Tennis, Cross Country, Hanging out with friends
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28 / In My Own Wonderland
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12

☆ Username: SakuraKissYuki
☆ Age: Limitless
☆ Anime/Manga: Whichever interests me.
☆ Dramas/Movies: No Drama, some childhood // animated // action films.
☆ Music taste: Depends on my mood. Japanese music, game soundtracks, Russian pop, Rock, gospel
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Drawing, singing, roleplaying, playing my favorite games, cooking, social online or in real life, and photography.
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: hollowHERO

☆ Age: 26

☆ Anime/Manga: Harem animes and stuff like .hack//SIGN or Sword Art Online.

☆ Dramas/Movies: Anything Studio Ghibli along with crappy old movies like Over the Top or The Wizard.

☆ Music taste: Stuff ranging from Tool and Metallica to Modest Mouse, The Postal Service and various OSTs.

☆ Other interests/hobbies: Super Mario Bros. 3, MMORPGs, drawing, photoshop, music games, youtube, candles, ninjas that happen to be turtles, etc.
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29 / M
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: cjart
☆ Age: 17
☆ Anime/Manga: Too many to list, but i guess some of my favorites animes would be Eureka Seven, Durarara, Ao no Exorcist, Gosick, I can't remember too many on the spot but ill usually watch anything as long as it has a good story and isn't hella ecchi.
☆ Dramas/Movies: Breaking Bad, Law Abiding Citizen, In Time, etc.
☆ Music taste: Anything goes except country for me.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Main hobby is skateboarding, then follows watching anime, soccer, list goes on...
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26 / F
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12

☆ Username: cronaxsage
☆ Age: 19
☆ Anime/Manga? Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, Clannad, Angel Beats, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.
☆ Dramas/Movies? Meh.
☆ Music taste? Anything but country.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Drawing, acting, listening to music, etc.

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35 / M / Latham Ny USA
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: rg400st
☆ Age: 29
☆ Anime/Manga? Cross Game, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Hajime no Ippo, Macross, Gurren Lagann
☆ Dramas/Movies? Action, comedy, poorly dubbed martial arts movies
☆ Music taste? Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Megadeth
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Reading, Video Games, Going to concerts, Having a few drinks with some friends
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20 / M / Somewhere in arizona
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: greatace
☆ Age: 13 (Soon to be 14)
☆ Anime/Manga? Alot of Shounen and Adventure Stuff like Bleach Naruto Reborn! and One Piece Etc....And i dont like anything ecchi
☆ Dramas/Movies? Dont really like any Dramas but i like alot of ghbili movies
☆ Music taste? Rap and Japanese Music
☆ Other interests/hobbies Role playing
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