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26 / M / Laredo, Texas
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: Nano815
☆ Age: 20
☆ Anime/Manga? Mostly slice of life but I generally enjoy all genres. Plus theres so much to list.
☆ Dramas/Movies? Same answer as above
☆ Music taste? Love music more than any other of my hobbies. Enjoy all genres but Rock would be favorite.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: I train MMA and close to make my amateur debut! I write, compose and record music.
I like to excercise and mainly just love keeping myself busy because my ADHD won't let me rest.
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22 / M / California
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: TeeBuddy2
☆ Age: 15
☆ Anime/Manga? Anything that catches my attention. Genres like romance, slice of life, school life, seinen. Something around there.
☆ Dramas/Movies? I don't like drama. Movies: Marvel (it's not a movie but the movies by them), Step Up (all), Dear John, a lot more....
☆ Music taste? R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap, New Age, K-Pop, J-Pop, or anything catchy.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Basketball, Video games, Traveling, Eating, Drawing, Read (if the book is interesting)

Yeah, that's me right there. Not... Just a general idea though. High School/College student.
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29 / M / Bristol, Washingt...
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12
☆ Username: TomDent

☆ Age: 23

☆ Anime/Manga? Neon Genesis Evangelion, every .hack series, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Time of Eve, Bamboo Blade, Wagnaria!, Baccano!, Durarara!!, Another, Sword Art Online, Samurai Champloo, Black Butler, Black Lagoon, Fate/Zero, Rurouni Kenshin, Soul Eater, FMA and FMA: Brotherhood, Gundam (all of them), and many more!

☆ Dramas/Movies? The Fifth Element, Gods and Generals, King Arthur, The Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hackers, Tank Girl, just about any Tim Burton movie, almost every Batman movie, French Kiss, Reefer Madness, anything with Groucho Marx, and lots more!

☆ Music taste? Just about anything, but I'm particular to Bluegrass and Celtic music.

☆ Other interests/hobbies: Art (I draw, paint, and sculpt), History, Reading (mostly Isaac Asimov and manga), playing sports (tennis, American football, basketball, bowling), video games (mostly RPG's and Mario Kart), board games and puzzles, teaching, and sleeping.
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26 / M
Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/16/12

-dasidorawa wrote:

Personally I left CR in 2008 due to the inactivity of users.
It seems that this is happening again with many users going on hiatus'.

So, this is a thread where you can add those with similar interests and share your own.

Fill out this form:

☆ Username:
☆ Age:
☆ Anime/Manga?
☆ Dramas/Movies?
☆ Music taste?
☆ Other interests/hobbies:

☆ Feel free to add those who share the same interests as you
☆ Edited: In order to make this thread "not personal" I have taken out my example of filling in the form

This is actually a fine idea.

☆ Username: uyretsgnay
☆ Age: 19
☆ Anime/Manga? I'll watch and read just about anything as long as its not Shugo Chara or something like that
☆ Dramas/Movies? Uhh no dramas, but again movies I'll watch just about anything
☆ Music taste? Bleh I really have no specific preference as long as its not like country lol
☆ Other interests/hobbies: I'm a gamer at heart, but I also love messing around with computers

I'm a pretty laid back guy, and I enjoy sharing a couple of good laughs.
Queen of Support
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Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/16/12
^ Sorry love, I'm gonna unlock this thread.

Not that I actually care but I think many users do.

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22 / F
Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/16/12
I feel like a lot of people are on here!:)

☆ Username:Kaykayconaway
☆ Age:16
☆ Anime/Manga? I love romance, comedy, horror, and some yaoi!
☆ Dramas/Movies? the ONLY drama that i will watch is the Taiwanese drama Skip Beat!
☆ Music taste? Pop, pop, bubblegum POP!
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Dancing, texting, laughing:)
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23 / F / Balmer, Murlin
Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/17/12
☆ Username: Aokidanza

☆ Age: 16

☆ Anime/Manga? I'll watch pretty much anything, though I'm not too fond of ecchi or harem.
------- Genres: comedy, slice of life, mystery, psychological
------- Manga: Deadman Wonderland, Ghost Hunt, Kuroshitsuji, Mirai Nikki, Spiral, Blue Exorcist, ect.
------- Anime: Durarara!!, Tsuritama, No. 6, Hetalia, Un-Go, Gosick, Ano Natsu de Matteru, Hunter x Hunter, Kids on the Slope, Kimi to Boku, ect.

☆ Dramas/Movies? No Asian dramas, but I'll watch some American TV from time to time. I really love Touch and Awake. As for movies, mostly animated films, esp. Ghibli and Pixar, or the Ice Age and Madagascar movies XD Lilo and Stitch is my childhood favorite though~

☆ Music taste? I'll listen to pretty much anything, besides racy rap music. (Yes I even like country~)

☆ Other interests/hobbies: I like to write; I'm currently working on some original story ideas, but I mostly write poetry and fanfiction. I love to read. I kinda have a hat collection goin' on, cuz I love wearing hats XD I still play Pokemon games, but other than that I'm not much of a gamer. I love history and various other social sciences.
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33 / M / Planet Mars
Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/17/12
Username. KVI

Manga/ Lament of the lamb, Yubisaki milk tea, kissxsis, mysterious girlfriend x,
Nagasarete Arantou, Rouroni Kenshin Ubell Blatt, Break Blade ..I could go all day here

Drama. Fireworks

Music taste. yes.

Other interests. Saving the world / then taking it over
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Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/17/12
Anime/Manga? I have alot favorite anime some are full metal alchemist, Naruto, bleach, one piece, stein gate, angel beats, fairy tail, deadman wonderland, blue exorcist, ghost hunt, space brothers, soul eater, gintama, sket dance, Durarara!!, un-go, well you get the point almost every genre except romance but sometimes ill give it a chance xD and I don't like manga cause when its animated, its wayyy more entertaining.
Dramas/Movies? I don't like dramas cause it seems everyone who likes them gets sucked in and i don't want that. I like almost any movie as long its on TV and i have nothing to :)
Music taste? Everything besides country
Other interests/hobbies: I play alot of games and like to tinker with stuff, I'm sort of like a perfectionist
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23 / F / ᴄᴀʟɪғᴏʀɴɪᴀ, ᴜsᴀ
Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/17/12
i been addicted to crunchyroll sincee i made this account in Feb 7, 2010

☆ Username: prabashi
☆ Age: 17
☆ Anime/Manga?: alot
☆ Dramas/Movies?: i hav two dramas tht i love RH Plus and i 4got the other one bt im still watchin tht cuz its new n alot of movies i like~Anime Movies, Hindi Movies, Japanese Movies, n of course American Movies
☆ Music taste?: so far all except i dnt like country music :/
☆ Other interests/hobbies:
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23 / F / HK
Posted 7/17/12 , edited 7/17/12
☆ Username: Catz1297, (DaWong95 & CatzElricWalker) <-secondary accounts
☆ Age: almost 17 yo
☆ Anime: I love love love yaoi and uhhh I like action, romance, mystery, gore... lol pretty much any anime that doesn't bore me to bits... I like fast paced stuff, oh and I won't watch stuff that is obviously fanservice for men or harem.
☆ Manga: I don't read manga too much because I can only get it online and I've read all the ones in the library, but I generally like fast paced stuff too~
☆ Dramas: I watch Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas... Don't really like the korean or japanese ones.
☆ Movies: Hong Kong, Taiwanese or American Movies
☆ Music taste: Mainstream, Pop, Taiwanese Mainstream pop, Mandarin RnB, Cantonese pop.
☆ Other interests/hobbies: Piano, studying like fuck, my future husband that has yet to confess, surfing the net, making friends on the web.
Queen of Support
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Posted 10/4/12 , edited 10/5/12
OP nuked. Feel free to recreate!

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