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Posted 7/10/12 , edited 7/10/12
i love russia, romano, sweden, and prussia~

i chose russia because he can be kind but scary....really really scray~ and he reminds me of myself~

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Posted 7/20/12 , edited 7/20/12
I love romano, Italy, russia, england, canada, and America!

Why cause their fucking awesome!!!

But I like Russia and Canada the most because canada is so cute and innocent!!!
And Russia Cause he's sweet but can be scary towards others!! A little like me!
Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/14/12
i like italy,america,england a little,russia,liechenstein,and japan

i like italy because hes cute and funny
i like america because hes also funny and geadstrong XD
i like england because hes funny when hes drynk and because he imaginates things with his imagination
i like russia because he looks sweet but he can be scary at the same damn time XD
i like lichenstein because shes caring especially for her bro switzerland and shes sweet
and i like japan because hes sometimes funny especially when he came back from italy XD

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