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Posted 7/10/12 , edited 7/19/12
Here are the main Basic rules, they will be edited later on, as we progress.
Rule #1: There can only be one slayer of dragon, or god, at a time for each element(Dragon/god slayers can only use elements)
Rule #2: No trolling, or God-modding, I will not tolerate this, at all.
Rule #3: As long as you do not make it invincible, you can create any magic that you want, but try to let me know, so I can review it, we don't want any trolls, or god-modders.
Rule #4: You may not take any missions, by yourself, that are above your current rank, unless you have three of the same rank, or are going with someone who has this rank.
Rule #5: Any missions must first be submitted to a mod, or myself, before taking them, and any major missions will be posted by me, so I can regulate them, and post who is doing what mission.
Rule #6: Any mission you wish to make, cannot be above your level, and you may not have any major event taking place, as it will be a small mission, for you, or your friends.
Rule #7: When you complete a mission you will need to pm me or a mod, and we will award any points, that you earned, and every month any rank raises will be given, if attained (This rate may change later on), and to attain S, or SS rank, a test must be taken, and we shall have a selection of people take the test, so that more can have a chance at it(This might be anywhere from every week, to every few weeks, and a mod, or myself shall oversee the test.
Rule#8: The test shall be announced a few days in advance, so that your character has a chance to train, or relax, or whatever you want them to do.
Rule #9: have fun, and meet some new friends.
Rule #10: There are only allowed 4 Dragon slayers, and 2 God slayers, per guild.
Rule #11: You will start at six techniques, and gain two each rank.
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Posted 7/10/12 , edited 7/11/12
Here is how stats will work:

Strength: It describes your physical Strength, and is directly linked to the damage you can cause by using a melee attack, swordmanship, hand to hand or how well you can block a powerful attack.

Speed: It describes your speed, both moving/running speed and how quickly you wield your weapon. It is directly linked to how quickly you can attack, or if you can block/dodge in time.

Durability: It describes the natural hardness of your skin, and how well you can protect yourself from an attack, it you are hit head on. Yet, try not to be hit if possible!

Reflexes: It describes how quickly you can react to something, be it an attack, a change in battle, something surprising like your opponent using Shunpo, or how you can “correct” an action according to what the opponent did. It’s directly linked to whether you can dodge, block in time or not.

Swordmanship: It describes how skilled you are in the usage of your weapon. It describes skill of any weapon used in the game. Not just swords.

Hand to Hand: It describes how skilled you are in the usage of martial arts and your body. Note that to perform highly acrobatic moves, you need a high stat.

Magic: A very important stat. It is directly linked to how strong your magical abilities are, since they are fueled by your magic level.

Stamina: It describes for how long you can keep fighting, and how you can do against the fatigue of battle. It also is linked on how many times you can use melee techniques in a single battle.

Everyone will start of 100. In order to raise your stats you will have to complete missions. Every mission have a set number of points will earn upon completion. The harder the job the more points you will earn. If done as a team points will be divided equally among the group. You will must pm either me or Vale_T_Tora the amount of points you have earned from the mission. At the end of the month you will get a set number of points to add to your stats.
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Posted 7/11/12 , edited 7/11/12
The ranks will work as a system for harder jobs, once you get to the next rank, you will be able to take on harder missions. You will gain the next rank, once you have done enough missions, and once you gain a rank you will receive a set amount of points to add to your stats. We will decide this, once we have more people playing.
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