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24 / M / Somewhere Far, So...
Posted 7/10/12 , edited 7/28/12
Fairy Tale Missions, posted by the guild master:

A-Rank Missions(Villain done by mod.):
B-Rank Missions(Done by mod, you cannot have the villain's actions done by yourself.):
C-Rank Missions(Done by self, or have mod play villains):
D-Rank Missions(Done by self, or have a mod play the villains):
Local Disturbance: There have been a few reports from Onibus Town of a few bandits robbing the shops in the city, they are armed, and dangerous, reports indicate that they consist of 3-4 melee fighters, and at least 2 un-ranked mages, and possibly one lower D-Rank mage, as the leader, though this has not been confirmed.
Local Disturbance: There have been reports of 2 bandits who are melee fighters and one low rank mage causing constant trouble in town. Please deal with it.
Un-Ranked Missions(By yourself only, lower than D-Rank missions):
Pet Problems: There have been a few problems with some magic pets that they have, and they need them found and brought back, they are all located in Onibus Town, so finding them shouldn't be hard. There are two missing cats, each one has two tails, so spotting them should be easy, one missing dog, that has three heads, and one talking frog, when found bring them to the guard station in town, and they will return them to their proper owners.
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Posted 7/21/12 , edited 7/22/12
1. Assassination - An important messenger from the Magic Council is traveling by train to Crocus to deliver an important package. Your job is to take care of everyone in the train, kill the messenger and take the package he has. He is being guarded by several D - Class mages and a C - Class. Do not allow them to enter Crocus other wise they will call for back up and the mission will become much more harder. Team Highly Recommended.
2. Bounty - A recent uprising D-Rank mage has been taking out Dark Mages. Take him out before he takes out any more Dark Mages. His last location was in Onibus Town.
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