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Posted 7/11/12 , edited 7/11/12
Hey, you guys^^
Welcome to a new Harry Potter RPG!

Before you can interact with the other users, you have to present your self.
That's what this page is for

There are some rules when it comes to the characters:
- You can not be any of the main characters (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Dumbledore) *****
- You have to attend to Hogwarts
- You have to be a human (In some cases a ghost can be accepted)
- If you wish to be a prefect or Quidditch, please PM me + be active
- Your character have to be somewhat believable. Remember: nobody is perfect.

***** If you want to, you have to send a personal message to me to audition. (WinnifredArtemis)

Here's what you need to write:

- Name:
- Gender:
- Blood status:

- Year at Hogwarts:
- House:
- Animal:

- Positive traits / Talents:
- Negative traits:
- Short biography:

- Best subjects:
- Worst subjects:

- Hair color
- Eye color
- Special things with your appearance?

- And a picture if you want^^
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25 / F / Halden, Norway
Posted 7/11/12 , edited 7/11/12
Well I guess I'll start with my main character then
Both to register me, but also as an example


- Name: Melissa Kaìen
- Gender: Female
- Blood status: Full blood

- Year at Hogwarts: 3. grade (though her age is the same as a 2. grader)
- House: Slytherin (because of the way she acts, most people thinks that she's supposed to be a Ravenclaw)
- Animal: A kiwi named Johan :3 (special permission because she's a transfer student)
- Best subjects: Potions and spells
- Worst subjects: Flying, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination

- Positive traits / Talents:
She's very open, good to keeping secrets, and she accepts everyone as they are (no matter from which house their from)

- Negative traits:
She doesn't have to many inner feelings and often puts on an act. Also, her family family history is quite dark, an contains a secret no one can know.

- Short biography:
She's grew up in china with her grandpa since her mother (Chinese) and her dad (french/English) worked a lot in France. She has been living among muggles, so she has learned to accept both magical and non-magical beings. Her grandpa was earlier a teacher i potions (in China) so has has gotten "private turoring". Because of this, she has big knowledge withing potions.
Her reason for coming to Hogwarts is that her grandpa is getting old and needs a break + her parents doesn't have time for her in France + Her dads mom was once student of Hogwarts.

- Hair color: Basically black, but it changes from time to time (half metamorphmagus)
- Eye color: Basically green-turquoise, but it changes from time to time (half metamorphmagus)

- Special things with your appearance?
Half metamorphmagus? (Her father is fully metamorphmagus)
She's rather short
Even though she's half Asian, she looks entire European - except her black hair and her height.

I'll post a picture later
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