Lol I got paid for linking Anime.
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Posted 7/13/12 , edited 7/14/12
I just wanted to share, I got paid like $3,000USD for mirroring Anime links on this site: I found out from auction site: they posted.

Original thread from the auction site (

[PHP]For those of you that have participated in the promotion week, Thank you for your support. It is now over.

Our new current rate is:
$100 On-Going Series Uploader (Constant paid job $100/week)
$1000 for every Anime series (mirrors)
$2000 for every Drama series
$3500 for both (extra because it takes a lot of effort to finish both before 1.5 months for those that have started earlier)

This rate is only available by August 2012. So, all participants must finish before the end of August 2012 or you will not be paid, of course you can finish earlier before this date to get paid faster.

This policy is final, the reason why we have made this rule is because people tend to stop linking, I am looking for long-term linkers.

If you are interested you must register at [url=] and PM your username to me.

Also, please add me on skype: nyaatv


All payments done via PayPal.

[COLOR="#B22222"]Warning - I highly advise you to not go for both series Anime and Drama if you are not going to spend a few hours a day on the computer linking or if you are extremely slow at copy/pasting linking, etc.

Note - You do not get paid until you finished your links.[/COLOR]

Just wanted to let you guys know you can make some easy money if you guys know to leech links fast.
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