Best Saw trap?
Posted 7/14/12 , edited 7/14/12
The one that made me clench my toes the most was in Saw The Final Chapter. The fish hook decibel trap

The one where he has to pull a key out of his colleagues stomach attached to a fish hook and stop her from screaming too loud or the pipes will pierce her throat.

Just because you could feel her pain and imagine the fish hook cutting her insides as its being pulled out. I was literally like "Agggh aw!" in the cinema gross!
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Posted 8/6/12 , edited 8/6/12
The best trap was the movies themselves lol. They lured people into thinking it was horror when really they felt like spoofs on the whole genre. I don't think all of them suck but for the most part I have seen these films only because I got severely forced to see them, to which I can not say for many other series. But the one that stuck was the one where the guy had a key stuck behind his eye and had to get it out to open the trap around his neck.
Posted 8/8/12 , edited 8/8/12
I've only seen 1~4. My favorite trap is the film's most iconic one: the Reverse Bear Trap. The design and execution is so medieval! I felt that the later traps, although epic, lose the horror with all of their spectacle...
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Posted 8/9/12 , edited 8/9/12
Ugh the one that made me cringe was that one with the guy who had his back glued on to the seat and he had to reach some lever or something to save his friends I liked how the whole trap was connected though.
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Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/13/12
the angel trap that was inescapable made by amanda where it ripped out your rib cage
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