Rules of the Circus

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Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/17/12

◈ Rules ◈

Yes, nobody likes them, but they make role playing easier and more organized. c: So let's start...


~ Yes, we understand that Crunchyroll usually has random role plays with no form of organization. We are trying to do the impossible and be semi-literate and up, and actually have a story going for us. If you are NOT semi-literate at least, you WILL be warned and then banned from the group if you do not improve. So please, when you role play your post has to have at least four sentences with proper grammar. One-liners won't be tolerated here. It's not that hard! c: If you have a few slip-ups, that's alright. Every one has slip-ups now and then!
Example from x-dementia's other RP:

~ You may only have two characters, unless you get permission from myself or a mod.
~ Your character must be approved by myself or a mod before you begin to RP.
~ Minor cussing and gore is fine. Nothing too explicit please.
~ No explicit sexual scenes. We understand that this is a twisted circus, but please have some decency. xD
~ Your characters can fight, but outside role play drama is not tolerated! We all want to get along. c":
~ Please use some form of ooc and bic, for example, use brackets when you are out of character.
~ Your own characters can't fall in love with each other. That's no fun!
~ No Mary-sues and Gary-stus. You are not some hero leading every one to safety, and you do NOT have powers. You're a normal human trying to escape from the twisted circus just like every one else. No one is perfect!
~ No god-modding or power playing! Do not control someone else's character with out THEIR permisson. Do not kill some one else's character with out THEIR permission. Etc, etc, etc.
~ PLEASE BE ACTIVE! If you cannot be, please do not join in the role play. We don't want anyone posting a few times and then completely disappearing. If it's only a short vacation, let a mod know or you will most likely get deleted. A few times a week is the requirement.
~ If you do not follow these rules, you will get a warning, and if you continue to do these things, you will be banned.

Please do not get butthurt if we warn, ban you, or reject your character. There's always a reason for it.

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