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◈ In-depth Plot ◈

This role play is BASED off of the Dark Woods Circus that was in Edo Period Japan. We don't want to get culture wrong in this period, so we decided to set the RP in a different world. ^^;

In the country of Terra, people lived happily day by day going about their business in their villages. Many merchants traveled, many fisherman caught fish, many farmers planted crops. If you visited any village in Terra, you'd be affected by the joyful atmosphere. But soon, a fall of the economy would destroy all of that. When Terra was attacked by Arret for their land, they were put in a state of terror. Bombs rained down on homes, soldiers filled the villages constantly. Safe houses were built immediately for the residents of each village, but they were poorly built, cramped, and filled with infection. This war had lasted ten years, until finally Terra ended the war by massacring the country of Arret with a nuclear bomb. Even after, no one celebrated. Peace was basically law for Terra, and even more devastation arose when villagers had to return to wrecked homes. Family members went missing, and since the war had lasted so long, the expenses for the weapons and bombs had brought Terra in a state of poverty. Many lost jobs, and others were extremely sick from the safe house's contamination. Many thought this was the end of the world.

Four years later, Terra is slowly recovering from the war. Hundreds of thousands houses were built, Institutions were built on the outskirts of the villages for those who needed food, water and shelter. Although the waters are now glistening again and the skies are now cleared from a smoky haze, that doesn't mean the economy has recovered. Jobs are still very slowly being created, the only thing saving Terra from a total collapse is their trade across seas. Although the spirits of Terra are rising, theft and greed plague the roads.

But now, spirits begin to sink again when children begin to go missing. Every month, a child or two is swept from the safety of their parent's grasp and whisked into a twisted circus, called the Dark Woods Circus. This circus travels from village to village, usually set up deep in the woods and night. To get to this circus, you will need to get an invitation from a very tall man dressed in black, though he only chooses people that he sees are 'special.' This circus is in total secrecy, no one speaks of it, and photos are not allowed. If you are found to be spreading information, you will more or less get killed, or trapped in the circus as well...

No one bothers to rebel against this traveling circus. Few police are informed, and if they are, they accept it. The few rich people of Terra, usually belonging to a form of council, throw money at the circus just to see the 'magic' of it. They enjoy the deformation of the performers and the torture of the children. Rich men dress up in their very best outfit just to go see the defilement of women on stage. Every one loves the pity of others, they feed on it. The greed of Terra grew since the war. No one dares to touch the circus since the money helps Terra restore itself to it's natural stability, slowly, but effectively.

There are few rebellious villagers who try to speak out against the circus, but they are soon silenced. Even the villagers that know and think the circus is terrible try their best not to get involved for this reason.

The children that are kidnapped are usually lured by the ringmaster. He enchants them with invitations painted in pretty colors, and glowing lanterns deep in the woods that do make the circus seem wondrous. Although, if you do dare visit, be expected to get kidnapped by the Ringmaster after the show. You will be operated on and given a special 'form', whether your limbs are cut off, animal parts are added to your body, or acid is thrown on your face, you will be trapped in the circus forever... with no escape. Every one you knew and love will forget your name. Your existence will now only be for the Dark Woods Circus... unless you get the courage to try an escape plan. Who knows, the other affected children may follow you, and there ARE rebels. But do you dare?

Either way, we are eager for your visit to the circus. The ringmaster is waiting just for you... watching your every move.

Will you be whisked away? Will you escape?

What is the Dark Woods Circus?
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