Kuroko's basketball latest episode (episode 16) Subtitle issue
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Posted 7/21/12 , edited 7/21/12
Subtitles are not showing in my Roku but work fine if I play the episode in a computer browser. Looks like the Roku specific stream doesn't have subtitles in it. Please investigate.
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Posted 7/21/12 , edited 7/22/12
From the Known Problems sticky at the top of the help forums.

Roku app

1. Subtitles cut off on the sides. This is caused by Overscan but we can compensate for this.
2. Videos missing subtitles

Missing Subtitles
It takes 2 - 7 hours from when a video is posted on Crunchyroll.com for it to sync properly.
We are working to shorten this time & apologize for any inconvenience.
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