licensing limitations midway through watching them
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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/22/12
Hi all,

First time poster here. I was certainly looking forward to some of the titles in this summer season with much glee.
Third week into the season I come back around to my Sunday episodes to find not only can I no longer watch Sword Art Online (Great series so far by the way you should check it out), but I can't watch Tari Tari or Kokoro Connect anymore due to these "Licensing limitations" to my region.

While I am European and understand that region licensing is a funny business to deal with, was there a reason I could watch them but no longer can? For example is this a bug, or have you just decided to tease me a bit and say "no more fun for you".

And while I am complaining wouldn't it be just if Europeans paid a lower subscription fee seems we have access to significantly less (new) content. That would seem fair to me.

anyway thanks for any help all.

Edit: Quick note I am from the United Kingdom
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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/23/12

stannerss wrote:
Edit: Quick note I am from the United Kingdom

All three shows you listed are licensed for the UK, so the problem is most likely that CR's geolocation system is misidentifying you as being in a different country (one which is not licensed for these series).

The long time fix for this is to log out of Crunchyroll and then log back in. For a few users recently, this has not worked. For all of those but one, however, turning off their cable or DSL modem for long enough that they were assigned a new IP address resolved the issue.
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Posted 7/23/12 , edited 7/24/12
I am having the same problem. I was watching Tari Tari and Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita now they are not available due in my region... K, since when? I'm part of the UK and i've been able to watch (uk region) shows in the past so why the change now?
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