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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/22/12
Felicità (フェリチータ Ferichita?)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (drama CD, anime)
The only daughter of Arcana Famiglia's leader, Mondo. Bears a contract with #6 of the Arcana - The Lovers, makes her able to to read people's heart and later, she finds out that she has another Arcana - The Wheel of Fortune (#10). Most Arcana Famiglia members call her "Ojō-sama" (お嬢様 lit. Milady?). She’s strict on herself and others and always strives, but is also a bit innocent and pure in some ways. She’s always accompanied by her owl, Fukurota.
Libertà (リベルタ Riberuta?)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama
Bears a contract with #1 of the Arcana - The Fool, also the soldier of the Intelligence Division. Felicitá's childhood friend. He calls her "Ojō". He loves masked heroes and admired Dante very much. A boy who is always curious and loves new things. He believes himself to be a Man of the Sea, and he’s even more impulsive than Felicitá. His memories got sealed by Dante because of his Arcana power went uncontrollable and he was also the reason why Dante went bald. His Arcana Mark is on his forehead with the power to make whatever he says happen.
Nova (ノヴァ?)
Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga
Bears a contract with #13 of the Arcana - Death and the Captain of the Cups. Felicitá's cousin and was engaged to her in the past. He calls her by her first name. His Arcana sign is on the back of his neck and his power is to put people in sleep. He is talented despite his young age and because of this, stands at the top of his division. He put his parents into a deep eternal sleep when he overheard them plotting rebellion against Mondo so Nova would be the leader instead. But later, with the help of Felicitá and also Mondo, he's able to wake them up again.
Debito (デビト?)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Bears a contract with #9 of the Arcana - the Hermit, his ability is to make himself invisible with the Arcana Mark on his foot, near his ankle. Bipolar captain of the Coins who hates to be tied and loves to flirt, including with Felicitá. He has a foul mouth, but he’s actually a good big brother figure. He covered his right eye with a eyepatch to cover his artificial eye, made by Jolly. Debito calls Felicitá "Bambina" - which means "little girl" in Italian.
Pace (パーチェ?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita
Bears a contract with #11 of the Arcana - Strength, which make his strength strong like a monster and has an Arcana Mark on his hand. He loves Lasagna very much and has a very bad eyesight. The Captain of the Wands who is the cheerful moodmaker of the Family. When the Head Captain is away, he also acts as Substitute Captain, which involves handling negotiations and managing the different divisions and the civilians, though usually he uses his fist better than his mouth.
Luca (ルカ Ruka?)
Voiced by: Yūichi Nakamura
Felicitá's personal butler. The bearer of Arcana Temperance (#14) and has the Mark on his tongue. He, Debito, and Pace are old friends. He is Jolly's pupil and also his own son. He’s been taking care of Felicita ever since she was a child. He’s amazing at all things domestic, including cooking. He also trained Felicitá, is rather clingy with Felicitá, and worries about her too much. It sometimes seems that he likes Felicità more than a friend. He loves to tinker with Alchemy.
Dante (ダンテ?)
Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi
The Head Captain and the bearer of The Emperor (#4) and his power is to remove/manipulate memories. He’s a former pirate who was taken in by Mondo. A very reliable and one of the most trustworthy people in the Family, and made him very popular with the people. He’s like a father to Liberta since the time he saved him. His Arcana Mark is on his head.
Jolly (ジョーリィ Jōrī?)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa
Mondo's right-hand man, and the second highest ranking member in the Family who bears Arcana - the Moon (#18) with a Mark on his right eye. The family's counselor but because of his cold-hearted and emotionless actions and words, almost everyone on the island avoids him as the very incarnation of terror. He is also the best at Alchemy on the island. Luca's father though his age is unknown. His weapon is Alchemy, born on March 8th with zodiac Pisces. He is 184cm high and has the hobby of experimenting.
Ash (アッシュ Asshu?)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Yūreisen no Majutsushi)
Joshua (ジョシュア?)
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (Yūreisen no Majutsushi)
Mondo (モンド?)
Voiced by: Fumihiko Tachiki
Bears a contract with #21 of the Arcana - The World. Felicitá's father. Leader of Arcana Famiglia. Everyone in the organization call him "Papa". He may be harsh at times, but he’s really a frank and good-natured guy. He’s also one of those fathers who can’t say no to their daughters… until the Arcana Duello comes along when he wanted Felicitá to be more reliable as the Ōjo or getting married with his reliable companions.
Sumire (スミレ?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
The mother of Felicita and does fortunetelling for the Family with her Judgement Arcana (#20). Everyone in the family calls her Mama. She has a mysterious air around her but she is a refined lady. Like Mondo, though, she has a doting aspect to her personality for her daughter despite giving her a strict upbringing.
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