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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/22/12
This is the most ugly place in the 3 realms. It is on Earth, and is home to Cursed Children.
Cursed Children are abandoned here after their parents have died.
It is dark and only the moon shines down here. It is barren and dry.
Posted 8/10/12 , edited 8/11/12
Rain walked around and sat at a quiet corner, reading a book. Staring at the moon, she felt miserable to be alone. Friends, is not really the word she have. Other cursed children are kind, but she remains quiet and emotionless because of her powers. The only time when Rain smiles faintly, is when she sees Litiana. Litiana is a nice angel that never judge people, no matter cursed children, demons, she remains kind. She comes to visit Rain occasionally, bringing her some fragrant flowers and play with her.
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