Tokitowa - Hand Drawn Anime RPG
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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/23/12
I was really kind of excited for this new game coming to the PS3, Toki to Towa (or Tokitowa It's an animation RPG, all the backgrounds in-game are 3D while all the characters and enemies are 2D animated sprites. But they're not pixel sprites, they're fully hand drawn celshaded anime characters. The game is being made by Imageepoch and Satelight is making the characters and cutscene animation.

I noticed on the most recent trailer, there are A LOT of dislikes. I'm curious, is this because people think it's a bad idea? Did the battles look boring? Or is there something I don't know about the game that is causing people to dislike it already? It just kind of worries me, with already not a lot of support being shown, it will probably not get any release outside of Japan. : / Personally, I think the game is an interesting idea and would really like to try playing it. What do guys think?

And here's the trailer in question!
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Posted 7/23/12 , edited 7/24/12
I think the game is a promising one. Better anime graphics I've seen until now not to mention its quality. Unfortunately the gameplay system and storyline are too vage as for now, even though they released a gameplay trailer very recently, and for what I've seen I really hopes the real deal might be better than this. Battle looks kinda boring and too oldschool (and, 1-man-party, really?). This was supposed to be Imageepoch's main title since it is for PS3 but I only hear them talk Sol Trigger (which seems a real good game) and post a lot of videos. Some good news is the fact that the game might actually be localized in english (probably by NISA).
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Posted 7/24/12 , edited 7/24/12
meh its imageepoch, they're small so this was what i was expecting, not that i dont like them or anything, hell i love the concepts they have. its just you shouldn't expect much from a company that small, expectantly when they talk about such a high profile sounding game
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Posted 7/26/12 , edited 7/26/12
Battle System reminds me a bit of Valkyrie and Heroes Phantasia with an over the shoulder perspective. I absolutely loved those titles.

Aside from that, the running seemed awkward and little inbetween animation (?).

That being said, I'd have to play in order to judge it.

Besides, I don't play RPGs for the great gameplay. It's all about the story and characters.
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