Won Bin and Kim Taehee Comeback Drama

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Posted 7/23/12 , edited 7/23/12

Will Kim Tae Hee and Won Bin appear on a TV series?

Many people are wondering whether top stars Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee will appear together on a TV series.

On July 23, a spokesperson for Won Bin’s agency, Eden 9, said, “Won Bin was offered to appear on a TV series, which is written by writer No Hee Kyung. We are positively considering it but nothing has been decided yet.”

It has been 12 years since Won Bin appeared on a small screen after he shot the series Autumn in My Heart in 2000. He shot the movie The Man From Nowhere in 2010 and is currently considering his next job. He has been getting offers to appear on lots of TV series and movies but he has refused them all.

Kim Tae Hee is popularly expected to appear on the series with Won Bin. Producer Kim Kyu Tae, who will work with the writer, worked with Kim for the TV series Iris. Recently, there was a rumor that Won Bin and Kim will work with the writer and producer.

An official for the production company and TV series says, “It is true that Kim is in the casting list. But we haven’t decided anything yet.” A spokesperson for Kim also says, “Kim and the producer are close but no official offer has been sent to us.”

Let’s wait and see if Won Bin and Kim will appear on the series, which will be produced by writer No and producer Kim.
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Posted 7/24/12 , edited 7/24/12

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