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This group is entirely fictional. Based off of Durarara!! This is a role play group, where you can choose your own gangs, converse with other characters, fight, and so much more. Thanks for keeping us somewhat together for a few years!

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(I apologize if it's text heavy. I can't be vague.)

  • RESPECT ALL MEMBERS! I will not tolerate rude behavior.

  • You can create as many characters as you want! Keep track of 'em. Use 'em. They're your children, so they're your responsibility.

  • BE ACTIVE. I'm not asking you to be on here every second of your life, but I've worked hard on this group, so I ask you to at least seek roleplay with others as much as you can. Be on at least once every two weeks, please? If you are going away for a while (hiatus), please either PM the creator or post to the group's guestbook that you are! Be sure to notify your RP partner(s) as well.

  • Please be at least semi-lit, and do not reply with one sentenced posts. Go up to a 3-5 sentenced paragraph if it's a short reply. Keep the story moving. Please make it interesting for roleplayers; Not bore them to death!

  • Since this is a semi-private group, feel free to be as sexual as you want! HOWEVER; please keep it in a spoiler! If you want to take it to PM, that's okay too. Profanity is allowed, but you must keep it PG-13. (Unless it's also in a spoiler). And feel free to be as bloody and gore-ish as possible!

  • Organization, people! NO QUOTE PYRAMIDS. Delete the previous quote or put it in a spoiler. This is for a cleaner and less confusing RP.

  • Strictly No God modding. Be fair with your roleplay! In battle, dodging attacks are fine, but at least allow some damage to be done. Leaders and Second in Commands MAY NOT abuse their power! They are considered of higher status, and they may be slightly more powerful. But they are still prone to defeat in battle and injuries!

  • Your character does not have to be human! (Since Celty and Anri are supernatural characters.) The God-modding rule applies for this, as well! A human can easily kick your ass, just as you could their's.

  • Only one faction (gang, police force, etc) per character! With the exception of being a Dollars member, you may join ONE other faction

  • ROLEPLAYING IN DIFFERENT TIMELINES is allowed! This is so your character can RP with different people. But you're in charge of keeping track of them. Recommended limit on timlines would be 2.

  • Your character does not have to be a gangster! They can be unaffiliated with a gang (a citizen) or a police officer.

    i.e., changing of gangs, removing self from a gang, joining a gang, joining the police force, etc.

  • DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THE GRAPHICS OR BB-CODING WITHOUT THE CREATOR'S OR POSTER'S PERMISSION. And if you do want to take someone's bb-coding layout, asking them + crediting them would be the polite thing to do.

  • Don't jump into someone else's RP without permission first. You can PM the two. (Or three.) This can be disorienting and disruptive to someone's RP. An exception to this rule is if your character pops in for a short amount of time. If you plan on sticking with those people, you must notify them.

    (Rules may be added and changed over time.)

    If I find out any of these rules have been broken, you will be given a warning, temporary removal of the group, or I will straight up ban yo ass.

    Now that you've (hopefully) read the rules, the password is "Baccano"
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    G A N G L E A D E R S

    Looking to become a gang leader or second in command? Well, holla @ you, it's easy to become one! Just PM me, or simply claim the position of a leader or second in command that's available! First come, first served! Piece of cake!

    BUT there are some things you need to understand before you think about becoming one.

    AS A LEADER...



    (Rules may change over time.)

    If you have read these rules, please put "OG" as an add-on to your password.

    A V A I L A B L E P O S I T I O N S

    All positions taken
    Second in Commands

    Yellow Scarves
    Steam Punks
    Hyperion Altair

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    G A N G C O L L A B

    Looking to create your own gang?
    What you've gotta do is create your own "gang collaboration."
    What that means, is, whilst roleplaying or through advertising your gang in this thread, you must find at least 5 active and willing characters, and form a gang with them. Whoever the leader decided upon is, PM me, and I will approve this as an official gang.

    BUT BE SURE that it is completely different from all the other gangs, and you must have proof of all 5 different Crunchyroll users or characters in GOI.

    Fill out this form if you've met the requirements, or use it to post here:

    Gang Name:
    Second In Command: (optional)
    Members Usernames and Character Names (so far):

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    C H A R A C T E R D E A T H S

    MY CHARACTER CAN DIE? WHAT? THAT'S NOT FAIR! ...Calm down. Let me explain. This is a feature available to you to kill off your own character. Only you have the power to decide if you want them killed off or not. You may die in battle, you may kill yourself... Whatever. But you may not kill other people's characters, unless they want to be killed! Once your character is dead, they may not be brought back to life.

    They will be recorded in the graveyard, (found in pages) BUT only if you want them too.

    This feature is for people who dislike their character, and does not desire to roleplay them any longer. Etc. etc. etc.

    You may kill off how many characters you wish.

    Please PM the creator if your character has died and if you want them to be included in the graveyard. Please include the permalink of the character's post.

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