rules and other things
Posted 7/23/12 , edited 8/22/12
Role playing rules:

No god modding and trolling

No Legendary Pokemon and high level pokemon when you first join. If you want to battle and capture a legendary pokemon then talk to me. If you encounter them, but don't battle kinda like how Ash saw Hoho then that's acceptable.

Please, as much as I know people like to joke around, but if it actually is insulting someone then stop it or we're going to have a problem.

No romance. This is a pokemon rp, not a shoujo rp

I don't care if you have a shiny pokemon, but do not have an entire team filled with them.

Also, don't say you have a bunch of rare candies to level up your pokemon.

How stats work:

Attack: How strong a pokeon's physical attacks are, such as thunder punch, headbutt. That sort of thing.

Defense: How strong a pokemon's defense against another pokemon's physical attack.

Evasiveness: How well an pokemon can dodge

Speed: How fast your pokemon is.

Special Attack: How strong a pokemon's special attack is. Think of attacks like hyper beam and such.

Special Defense: How resistant it is to another pokemon's special attack.

Every person's pokemon will start off with the average of 50. It would be easier on you if you just made all the stats 50 though.

Attack: 50

Defense: 50

Speed: 50

Special Attack: 50

Special Defense: 50

The stats will increase with Leveling Points or LP. You get 20 LP points every time you level up and you can add them to any stat. Like you can add 5 points to 4 of your stats.

Leveling up and more:

It would be difficult to keep track of experience points so I'll keep track of everyone's wins and count them as points to level up. I'll call them battle points. If you win a battle, you'll get two battle points and if you lose then you get one battle point. When you level up, you get 20 LP and you distribute it to any stat(s) or you want.

Battle points: You can only get them through trainer battles and wild pokemon battles. Each pokemon can battle three wild pokemon per day. Capturing pokemon also counts. If you are battling a trainer and you both get in a tie, then the points are split.

A rare candy will be given out rarely, but if you use it, your pokemon will get 10 LP points and the battles points you won to level up will drop back to zero.

In a double battle, the winner splits the battle points and gives it to both of his/her pokemon.

When a pokemon evolves, it will get 40 LP points and it if leveled up through battle or a rare candy (and getting a rare candy will be very, very, rare) it will will get the LP points.

All ways of evolving will stay the same except trade evolution. Those that have to hold an item and then trade over to evolve will count as regular hold evolution items. Meaning, say a Rhydon had a protector, just level it up with the protector on it and it will evolve to a Ryperior.

Pokemon that have to be trade to evolve, but have no item will all evolve at level 30, 40 or 50. Depends on the captured pokemon's level

Pokemon that evolve through happiness to either level 15 to 30 to 50 depending what level it is.

Pokemon that evolve with stones and such shall stay the same.

Note!!!: Every time your pokemon's level gets into a high number range, meaning if your pokemon's level was 5 and is now ten, then 6 will turn into 12 and when your pokemon goes from level 10 to level 20 then 12 will become 18 and so forth!

Pokemon starters:

You can have any pokemon that has a first evolution form and as long it isn't legendary or a super powered one.

Someone could have a beldum for a starter or a dratini if they wanted to, but it can't be a Salamance or Charizard as a starter.

You're first pokemon will be at level 5!!!

Also, when you catch pokemon we'll discuss the level it should be at.
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